Hygienic masks and colored FFP2: prices, features and how to buy

With the masks already fully installed in our day to day and as one more element to wear in our styling, can be found of all brands and all types. They are even launching Christmas masks on the market. But nevertheless, For those who continue to bet on hygienic and FFP2, there are also colors, to vary a little and not always wear the same.

For this reason, there are many brands that have also opted for this alternative, and it is enough to put the colored masks in any search engine to find different initiatives. Although perhaps, the most curious is that of a news portal in Leganés (Madrid), called Leganews, what In support of Cáritas it has created the Solidarity Masks campaign, in order to raise money for the organization.

These masks are sold in packs of 50 for 10 euros, of which 2 euros go to Cáritas. You can find blue, white, pink or black surgical masks, certified and approved.

Available in large stores and pharmacies

The giant Amazon sell on your website many different types of masks, in large or small packs, of various colors, and also for different prices. For example, there are packages of ten units of black FFP2 masks for 26.90 euros, a batch of 20 units also FFP2 for 35 euros or another pack of 50 units of pink color at 19.99 euros.


For its part, the supermarket DIA also sells packages of ten white surgical masks for 2.10 euros.

And with regard to businesses related to the health field, it is the case of Farmacia Universal 24h, with packs of 20 units of FFP2 masks at 39 euros, with CE certification and colors black, fuchsia, pink, burgundy, navy blue, light blue, red or yellow.

Other alternatives such as smaller websites

In the Web page can be purchased colored FFP2 masks for 1.76 euros. In this case, they are KNP5 masks in boxes of 20 units..

In there are packages of various colors of ten units for 29.58 euros, from 50 units for 127.05 euros, or a pack assortment of all colors for 29.89 euros.

Other options are masks from what does it cost 5.95 euros and they are also from various colors such as red or black and certified.