Hybrid car sales in Spain continue to rise in March 2021

In March 2021, new hybrid car sales in Spain totaled 19,312 registered units. This result, if compared with that obtained in the same period of the previous year, represents a strong growth of 228.38%. The hybrid vehicle’s market share is already close to 19%.

The hybrid car has weathered, as far as possible, the convulsive start of the year that the Spanish car market has had. The hybrid car sales in Spain
keep growing. During March 2021
a total of 19,312 hybrids sold, which compared to the result of the same period of time last year, represents a 228.38% growth.

It is important to note that this impressive climb is largely virtual. And it is that in March of last year the state of alarm was imposed to stop the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the closing of dealerships and practically paralyzing commercial activity in this relevant sector. The Hybrid vehicle market share is currently 18.17% in Spain.

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling hybrid car (HEV) in Spain in March 2021

With respect to the accumulated period, the self-charging hybrids closed the first quarter positively. Between January and March new hybrid car registrations in Spain totaled 42,194 units, 40.61% more than in 2020. Electrification continues to gain adherents. And it is that, being able to have the ECO environmental badge of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) is already a determining factor when buying a car in Spanish territory.

When it comes to hybrid passenger car sales, the figures are really similar to those described above. The vast majority of hybrids sold at our dealerships are passenger cars. In March 18,795 units were sold (+ 225.13%) while in the first quarter the registrations of hybrid cars harvested 41,029 units, 39.40% more than in the previous year.

The 5 best-selling hybrid cars in Spain in March 2021

When analyzing the ranking of the best-selling hybrid cars in Spain and, more specifically the Top 5, we must bear in mind that both hybrids (HEV) and light hybrids (MHEV) coexist in this list. Both levels of electrification are grouped in the same category by ANFAC and other associations. The victory falls to the FIAT 500 and its lightweight hybrid mechanics. After the renewal of the FIAT urban range, one of the best small cars, its sales have received a great boost.

Comparison in video of the Hyundai Tucson with the Ford Kuga, two of the hybrid SUVs of the moment

In second position is the Toyota Corolla, one of the best hybrid cars that, in addition, can boast of continuing to be the best-selling hybrid (HEV) in general terms. And closing the podium, in third place, appears the Hyundai Tucson. This model, after its generational change, is directly nominated as one of the best hybrid SUVs of our dealers.

The 5 best-selling hybrid cars in Spain in March 2021

RankingModelSales Mar’211FIAT 5002.0112Toyota Corolla1.4503Hyundai Tucson1.3284Toyota C-HR1.2895Toyota RAV4977