Since the expertise carried out by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) in relation to the costs of the work at the Arena da Baixada for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Athletico-PR has become quite critical of the position of the City Hall of Curitiba and also of the Government Paraná, others involved in financing the work.

Miguel Locatelli / Athletico Official Website

Photo: Lance!

According to the Hurricane’s lawyer in the case, Luiz Fernando Pereira, the club’s stance has always been in the direction of settling the total amounts only in relation to what it is responsible for.

In addition to extolling FGV’s work at the opportunity, the lawyer confirmed that the costs of the work done at the club’s stadium only showed an increase in the total cost of the budget initially forecast (from R $ 184 to R $ 364 million) due to elements beyond the control of Athletico:

– The expertise disclosed by FGV is a game changer for the World Cup. Athletico has always reaffirmed that they want to pay what they owe for a long time. The State has also always recognized that it was necessary to divide it into three. The Municipality, both in this and the other administration, has always defended the thesis that there would be a ceiling of R $ 184 million for the work, which is the value of the agreement signed in 2012. FGV, after two years of analysis, points out that it does not there was overprice. It was the cheapest in Brazil. The increase in cost is in no way attributable to Athletico.

Luiz Fernando also pointed out that since the year 2016 there has been a proposal by the Hurricane to pay off the debt that would belong to the club, in addition to alleging that, at a certain point in the works, the government’s financing was interrupted.

– When Athletico was invited to participate in the World Cup process, it was agreed that the full amount would be financed. However, when it came to R $ 291 million, financing stopped, no more funds came in and Athletico put R $ 55 million out of pocket to hold the Cup. The State and the Municipality must bear it because that is what they agreed. Athletico cannot pay more than a third. Athletico made a proposal to repay the debt in 2016. The process is under mediation. The club wants to pay it off and turn the page, ”said the lawyer.

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