Hunter Schafer talks about season two

The actress also talked about the special episode of the series starring her. Photo: HBO | HBO

The successful series of HBO « Euphoria » is about to premiere its second special episode, which will serve as a bridge between the first and second seasons. While in the month of December « Trouble Don’t Last Always » was released, focused on the character of Rue, this Sunday, January 24, we will see a story focused on Jules under the title « Fuck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob. »

Hunter schafer, actress in charge of giving life to Jules in the series, he would have anticipated in a recent interview some details about his character’s relationship with Rue (Zendaya) after abandoning her during her escape at the end of the first season.

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During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Schafer commented that in the second season both characters are going to « reexamine their relationship. » The episode that will be released tomorrow has a script written between Schafer and Levinson, sharing a bit about his experience.

“This was genuinely the most cathartic art experience I have ever had. It was really special, being able to put so much of yourself into a unique product.  » The episode in question would be a review of Jules’ experiences as a trans woman. The character’s feelings would be entirely based on a poem written by Schafer after graduating from high school.

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« It was about this weird spiral that I had on hormone therapy and making an analogy between learning how to find beauty within yourself, » the actress explained. « As if, instead of wanting to be as beautiful as another cis woman, I wanted to be as beautiful as something bigger, like the ocean. »

Although production has not yet started, its creator Sam levinson ensures that he hopes to begin work in March and be able to premiere the episodes this year. Levinson would have taken advantage of the pandemic to film “Malcolm & Marie”, Tape in which Zendaya act together with John David Washington and that will be released in February through Netflix.