Hunted a prototype of the Tesla Model Y with a strange off-road configuration

A mysterious example of the electric crossover has been spotted around Fremont sporting a strange off-road setup, with raised suspension and larger gravel tires. Is a possible off-road version coming up for the Model Y?

The new Tesla Model Y hit the market in 2020 and since then, the rest of the Tesla range has adopted some of the aesthetic solutions that the electric crossover debuted. So it is not to be expected that this model will have an update soon, just as there should not be prototypes of it on the street. Nevertheless, that’s precisely what youtuber The Kilowatts just found in the vicinity of the company’s factory in Fremont.

As we can see in the images that illustrate this article, simple video captures of the different cameras of the vehicle of this youtuber, the mentioned prototype was hunted on a road near Fremont wearing a strange configuration, with the body in a striking sand color and with a noticeably higher suspension scheme than usual. In addition to mounting visibly larger wheels with dirt tires, based on their appearance.

As in any sighting of this type, we cannot be sure what we are seeingBut of course what it looks like is a prototype of the Tesla Model Y with a specially developed off-road setup.

Possible optional package

Although there is a possibility that it is not really a prototype of the factory, but a highly modified particular specimen, the neglected and dirty appearance of this specimen seems to indicate that we are in front of a test unit, that also does not seem to have a license plate or behind. So we can only wonder what the destination or the nature of it will be.

Perhaps the company is actually developing a better-enabled variant of the model for use on dirt roads, for those users who really want to use the model off-road. Although there is also the possibility that it is not a variant as such, but rather an optional off-road package including a higher suspension setting and more travel and tires specially enabled for this use.