NEW YORK – A school in New York had to close immediately after violating the governor’s executive orders and having ‘hundreds’ of students inside the institution, without following physical distancing measures and without personal protective equipment, according to the Department of Orange County Health.

The Orange County Health Department and the New York State Police visited the school on Wednesday, and a cease and desist letter was issued Thursday to the Kiryas Joel Boys School United Talmudic Academy in Goshen.

Authorities noted that
“around hundreds of students” were inside the school and
none had protective elements, such as masks, or were practicing
physical distancing, according to the Department of Health. The
school to finish their activities.

“The Department of Health
County investigates all complaints we can, based on severity
of the possible violation in regards to the threat to public health
during this communicable disease pandemic, “said the commissioner
County Health Department, Dr. Irina Gelman.

The incident comes just days after a similar case in Brooklyn, where police authorities estimate that more than 100 children were inside an Orthodox school in Bed-Stuy. Neighbors reported seeing children playing on the roof, without any face masks, and then say that about 50 teens and adults left the building.

While the NYPD did not issue a subpoena on that occasion, the Department later said it could have been warranted.

“If the local commander
would have issued a legal summons yesterday, I think that would have been
appropriate, “said New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, and
noted that the department will closely monitor the location to make sure
Let no one return.

However, Mayor Bill
de Blasio said in an interview that no call issued is online
with the way you want the NYPD to apply enforcement measures
social distancing.