López Obrador, remains one of the most popular presidents among the population (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

The President’s Strategies Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of « hugs and not bullets« To reduce violence or improve other sectors, they have not borne fruit, as shown by the results of pollsters dedicated to measuring these indices. Therefore, characters like the activist Javier Sicilia accuses the crisis that is being generated « is terrifying ».

The journalist Javier Brandoli recalled in his column published in El Confidencial that the President was elected by the Mexicans, hoping that the left would bring change they had longed for so much.

However, over the years the improvement has not been reflected, instead, the phrases that allude to the good people, those who blame the neoliberalism of being the cause of most of the current problems in the country, as well as threats of accuse criminals with their grannies.

The president’s followers have been called « AMLOVERS » on some occasions (Photo: File)

Despite all prognosis, the journalist notes that apparently Mexico did make a changealthough possibly 30 years into the past.

He stressed that in 2019 the historical record of homicides with more than 35,500 victims; that the economy contracted 0.14 percent, an event that had not occurred since 2009. Although workers’ wages increased 5.9%, the highest recorded in the last six-year periods.

However, he pointed out that when the federal executive is presented with numbers that do not fit within his perspective of how the country is going, he responds that he it has other figures. Never leaving his paternalistic and exemplary role of « Do not lie, do not steal, and do not betray the people. »

Thus, this newspaper was given the task of obtaining the opinions of some characters in political life such as Javier Sicilia and Azucena Uresti to share his opinion regarding the direction the country has taken for two years, the time that López Obrador has been at the forefront of the country.

The President has been repeatedly singled out as a populist (Photo: . / Edgard Garrido)

“Nothing of these half measures, that each one is located in the place that corresponds. OR one is for transformation or one is against transformation« The president ruled on June 6 at one of his press conferences.

Regarding these indications, the journalist and also presenter of TeleDiario and Milenio, Azucena Uresti He pointed out that the president has made it clear that journalists who do not coincide with his administration will be singled out and attacked, on the contrary, supporters will be well received. He exemplified with the morning conferences, where it has become a practice for his followers to congratulate him before starting to ask and point to those who show him « other data. »

The journalist said that the executive points from the rostrum; “Either you are for or you are against. There is a grudge against criticism. If you criticize you are banned, « said the journalist

Activists point out that threats to criminals to accuse them with their grandmothers are not enough (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Regarding the accusations that have been made for his flaccid stance before the health crisis of COVID-19, the president has indicated that there is no free press, since they only dedicate themselves to attacking and do not defend the people.

For his part, the poet and activist Javier Sicilia recalled the fight against drug trafficking during the six-year term of Felipe Calderón, time when he had a dinner at the now President’s house, where he was seen as a « moral opponent ».

Years later, when López Obrador came to power, he did not hesitate to brand him as an enemy, after saying no to an offer to work with him in victim care.

« I am not your enemy, I never have been. Power is criticized because power corrupts and must be confronted. He has not turned his enemy into the imagination and does not discern that his enemies are others, « said the poet.

Javier Sicilia points out that before López Obrador came to power he had a dinner with him at his home. Years later, now that he has also criticized him, he has been called an enemy to the 4T (Photo: . / File)

Thus, the leader of the Movement for Peace, Justice and Dignity, pointed out that with these attitudes it is managing to polarize the country.

« I believe that what awaits us is terrifying ”Sicilia said after criticizing that hugs are not enough to stop bullets and decrease the country’s red numbers.

The choir was also joined by the father marcel an activist from Simojovel, Chiapas, who pointed out that although the country already had a strong incidence of violence, corruption and other negative numbers dragged down by past administrations, he has not done his part to change the trend.

In 2019, a record of homicides was broken (Illustration: Jovani Silva)

Although the dispute between the data and the hugs continues, Francisco Rivas, general director of National Citizen Observatory, He noted that the context of the crisis has made a variable.

He pointed out that because people are in their homes, the assaults have decreased as it is a crime of opportunity. Instead organized crime has taken advantage of cases of infected policemen among other government vulnerabilities.

Despite the fact that social program aids have helped a sector of the population, they have not been decisive in changing the situation in the future, as have the rest of the areas that the president must guide during his term.


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