Hugo Sánchez bursts the Mexican National Team for “mistreatment” towards “Chicharito” Hernández

Hugo Sanchez, Mexican soccer legend and ESPN analyst, exploded against the Mexican National Team and the leaders of the FMF after Javier “el Chicharito” Hernández was not included in the call for the friendlies prior to the 2021 Gold Cup.

In statements to ESPN, “The Pentapichichi” assured that they are treating “Chicharito Hernandez in the same way they treated him, unjustifiably distancing him from El Tri.

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“They are putting Javier Hernández aside and I don’t like the way they are doing it, they are using a dictatorship against him, I don’t like him and I never have.

“They tried to do it with me and I defended myself to the death, I will continue to defend myself and also the Mexican footballers who are losing their rights”

Hugo Sánchez also assured that the Mexican National Team is managed as a kind of “dictatorship”, where a few decide what happens to those summoned and who, as in the case of “Chicharito” are erased.

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