Hugo Lloris, the captain of the Blues

Indispensable to the post of goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris distinguished himself by his regular good performances with the France team. Captain of the selection, he has become a strong element for Didier Deschamps.

Hugo Lloris Has held its place of holder for several years thanks to its great consistency. During the victory in Portugal (1-0), the French goalkeeper reiterated his importance in the selection. With in particular his beautiful parade on a distant strike from João Moutinho, the goalkeeper delivered a high-level performance as usual.

Moreover, with the Team, Jean-Pierre Papin congratulated Lloris on his effectiveness against Portugal: “France was sure of its football, well in place, with a great goalkeeper”, underlines the consultant. “Lloris has three balls to touch, he achieves three miracles,” he adds, noting the impact of the French goalkeeper on this meeting. This match is a perfect example of Lloris’ longevity in selection.

Lloris, the high level goalkeeper …

Present in the France team since 2008, the former Lyonnais has gone through many trials to become the essential element of the selection. Between the fiasco of the 2010 World Cup and the disillusionment at Euro 2012, the French porter has not always been brought to light. Under the leadership of Didier Deschamps, France returned to the top with the very marked impact of the Tottenham player.

At Euro 2016, Lloris allowed the selection to compete in the final with a great performance against Germany in the semi-final. During the world coronation in Russia, he delivered a beautiful copy throughout the competition. Determining in every match, the last tricolor rampart helped France to affix a second star on its jersey. Despite increased competition for his post, he was able to overcome obstacles to be the most capped goalkeeper in the history of the Blues with 119 appearances.

… become a leader of men

Captain of the Blues and Tottenham, Lloris has long been criticized for his personality. For some, the goalkeeper was not compatible for this important role requiring a lot of charisma and leadership. As time went by, the player trained in Nice made everyone agree with his regular performances on the pitch and his important presence in the locker room. His heated argument with Son, with the Spurs, was able to show his strong character.

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