He coronavirus it has changed many aspects of society. Tennis, of course, does not escape it. We try to return to normality, to do what we have always done, but the reality is that the world does not stop. Businesses, economies, sports … all follow their course, with only one difference: there is a virus out there. The human lifeFor example, it also runs its course. If you don’t believe me, ask Hugo Dellien.

The Bolivian story is crazy, almost a children’s story that he will have the pleasure of telling his daughter in the future Mila. Mila was born on April 25. Yes, at the peak of the virus, during a period of quarantine and after the cancellation of much of the tennis season. The circumstances of her birth prevented the best tennis player in the South American country from being able to approach her until almost two months later. A unique event that Hugo tries to express in words for the official website of the ATP.

In order to understand this story, we need to go back to its origins. Dellien is in the Californian desert, ready to dispute Indian wells, when after a coronavirus outbreak near the facilities the tournament is canceled. Hugo and his team immediately begin to consider alternatives for the disaster, but they soon realize that there is no possibility that various tournaments close in time can be played. There, Dellien makes a decision without being aware of its importance: he decides fly to Argentina to continue training there.

With his family in Bolivia and his wife Camila, who was due to give birth very soon, in Paraguay (she is the native of that country), Dellien was unable to see his wife because four days after arriving in the south-western country The borders with Paraguay were closed. “The only place I could still go was Bolivia, so I decided to travel there to be with my family. My emotions were a roller coaster: there were days when I was fine and others when I was not. The situation caused me more anxiety and I really want to leave home, but I have accepted that there is nothing I can do to change what is happening. “

While his wife was waiting to give birth in Paraguay, Hugo found a fundamental pillar to make quarantine more enjoyable: his family. He shared quality moments with them in his hometown: “My family has kept me in a very good mood. Spending time with them was something unique: I have not been home with my family, all together, for more than a week, since almost 10 years ago. Even my brother, who lives in the United States, was able to go home. Being with them was like traveling back in time. ”

While Dellien counted the days to see his wife, traveling from his native Bolivia, Camila gave birth to their daughter Mila, whom she had to take care of. during the first month and a half practically alone. According to Hugo, she also had her good days and her bad days, but she adapted quickly and well to her new situation and her new life, in the company of a Mila who developed strongly, without getting sick.

Thus, after many attempts and after speaking with the Bolivian Foreign Ministry and the Paraguayan Government, Dellien was able to travel and meet his daughter after spending a period of two-week quarantine. Nothing mattered: what I expected after arriving in Paraguay went beyond tennis, to success. It was life itself. Although yes, the analogy that Hugo uses to talk about his arrival is quite graphic of the importance of tennis in his life: “I prepared myself mentally to change diapers and not sleep much when I got home, but I had already passed the most difficult stages of a new baby. It was like arriving in the fifth set! “

Accustomed to being able to see his daughter only by video call (they did three or four a day), the return to that new normal was glorious for Dellien. A simple kiss or hug made him the happiest dad in the world. “Mila’s arrival puts everything else in the background. It is the biggest trophy I could win. My family is a real success and I don’t need anything else if I have a stable family, health and we live in harmony. We have achieved it, and Mila is the cherry on top of it all. ” Surely Hugo Dellien he doesn’t miss tennis. After all, he is the protagonist of one of the most incredible stories in this quarantine.