Hugh Jackman gets vaccinated in true Wolverine style

Actor Hugh Jackman, who will always be remembered for playing Wolverine, wanted to share with everyone that he has already had the vaccine.

Hugh jackman recently published on his social networks a photo receiving the vaccine against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) while raising his thumb, he could not stop making a reference to Wolverine, the character that has made him famous worldwide.

In the post, Hugh Jackman wrote: “Wolverine’s healing ability cannot save me from COVID. But the vaccine does. Get it! ”. Thus, he encouraged all his followers to get vaccinated so that everything is as before.

Now is the time for Marvel Studios to reboot the character.

When Disney I buy FOX, acquired the cinematographic rights of the Fantastic four and the mutants of the X Men in order to Marvel studios. Now they have the difficult mission of hiring an actor who can play Wolverine and be at the height of Hugh jackman. Something that seems very complicated, since he played the moody hero on many occasions and his involvement has always been very popular with the fans.

It has been rumored that he could make a cameo in one of the new installments of Marvel studios for example Deadpool 3, but it seems that that will not happen. What’s more Hugh jackman is preparing some very interesting movies like Reminiscence, where a scientist discovers a way to relive his past and uses technology to search for his long-lost love. You will also participate in The Good Spy, where he will play an American CIA agent named Robert Ames who tries to forge a healthy relationship between the United States and the nations of the Middle East, but tragedy strikes in 1983 when a bomb detonates in front of the American embassy in Beirut.

It will also give life to Enzo Ferrari in a movie that will tell his story and at the Apostol Pablo, whose blinding vision of Jesus transformed his life, as he dedicated his life to preaching about the Son of God and writing many of the books of the New Testament.

All movies of Hugh jackman What Wolverine can be seen in the Disney + streaming platform.