Mexico City.- The mexican theater reinvents itself due to confinement circumstances and a group of actors led by Arath de la Torre and the Chilean director Pepper Duck will premiere on Youtube the play “Hugging Outfits” this Friday, May 29.

the motivation not to lose the creative capacity and to keep in touch with the
public, this theater project was born in quarantine, which is possible thanks to the
digital platforms, but above all to the artistic impulse

“We have once again had that feeling of rehearsal and lived that adrenaline before the premiere,” said Pimienta, in a virtual conference through Zoom, this Tuesday.

Arath de la Torre He shared the excitement of acting in this play along with his wife.

“In the midst of a pandemic, quarantine, someone arrives and your crest itches to do something different, perhaps it is a watershed of something new, which may not be repeated, a different form of expression; As actors, we have to find new ways to continue to be effective in people’s tastes.

It is very beautiful, my wife and I are doing something new for the family, our children see that we are working on something productive. ”

“Hug Suits” is a fun script, a simple comedy, psychological therapy between a couple experiencing a pandemic in 2022 and we see how human and couple relationships have changed.

“It is a professional project, this is how we have taken it and this can open the key to hope that with personal initiative and a minimum investment we can generate some income, provide stories to the public. We are not the first, but we are pioneers ”, continued Arath.

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The theater sector has been hit economically by this pandemic, the theaters were the first to close and will be the last to open, many actors are going through very sad times without income and without their passion.

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The play will last 35 minutes, yes it is a play, because it is a live show, there is a dramatic continuity, professional performances, they argued, it is about online theater or web theater.

They also act Yolanda Ventura and Susy Lu.

“I had handled this confinement very well, I really like to read, I like to cook, to be at home; What I really miss and I can no longer do is rehearse theater, so when I was invited I did not hesitate for a moment. ”

Yolanda put it:

“It seems like a very funny work about the near future and we are still locked up. What this virus has taught us is to live with uncertainty, so it seems very important to me to pose this as a therapy. ”

What is Hugging Outfits about?

The pandemic already
is part of our lives, and people not to get infected occupy the
well-known hugging costumes. In the midst of all this, Lupe and Poncho meet
a while ago in a sexual therapy with his sexologist Almendra. Things not
they are doing well, not only for Lupe and Poncho. The truth, nothing is going …
none of the three.

“Hugging Suits” is a love story, motel meetings, sloppy and one damn zombie.

The functions will be on YouTube live, the first will be for friends and the media, on May 29 and 30, then they will continue with the payment functions and there will also be percentages for donations.

Tic pass will generate a personalized link to access the function through a symbolic payment, because there will be a theatrical, dramatic and immersive experience.