Huge half-ton shark is cruising between New York and Jersey

A huge white shark weighing about 900 pounds (almost half a ton) was seen off the coasts of Jersey, Delaware and Long Island (NY) in recent daysaccording to OCEARCH, a nonprofit shark tracker organization.

This female specimen named “Freya” has been monitored by scientists digitally. It was located on Block Island Sound, in Montauk (NY), on Monday night shortly before 11:15 pm

She is considered a subadult of 11’8 ″ (3.5 meters) long and 883 pounds (400 kilos) in weight, you’re probably following the Menhaden schools of fish like food source. “We have seen some of our sharks come to this area in the past,” the organization commented on Facebook.

Before being seen off Long Island, she was spotted swimming the Delaware Bay and going up the east coast of New Jersey Thursday night.

Freya it was tagged for the first time in March. His name was chosen by SeaWorld, a partner of OCEARCH, and the origin of his name means “Noble Woman”. It was named in honor of the researchers who are working on the conservation of the species of these ocean giants.

It is not the first time that a great white shark has been sighted on our shores. “Mary Lee”, 16 feet long and with more than 124,000 Twitter followers, was spotted in the area in 2017. Investigators have been monitoring her movements since they identified her on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in September 2012. Since then he has made several trips to New Jersey, recalled NBC News.

Sharks are the largest fish in the world, but they are not mammals like huge whales.

In what has been called “A miracle” of aquatic ecology, in the last decade scientists have also noticed a resurgence of marine mammal activity and presence around New York City and New Jersey, with reports of humpback whales, dolphins, and even seals. Thus, a company decided to launch this year whale watching cruises on their high speed ferries, leaving directly from Manhattan.

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