Huge charms! Demi Rose is seen only with a jacket

Huge charms! Demi Rose is seen only with a jacket (Instagram)

Huge charms! Demi Rose is seen only with a coat | Instagram

One of the stars of social networks that to date continues to find a way to surprise his fans is definitely the british model Demi Rose, who recently shared in her new Instagram post a photo in which she appears showing her charms while wearing a long coat.

For a few years now, the name of the beautiful model of British origin and Colombian descent has been constantly being heard, this thanks to the content she shares on her social networks and that has definitely become an adoration for her millions of followers .

Currently there is a great variety of personalities and people who decided to venture into the world of influencers, however, only a few names are known who managed to stand out thanks to the content they publish, including that of Demi Rose.

The 25-year-old girl tends to steal more than sighs and accelerate the pulse of those who see her, it is not only her angelic face but also her huge figure, especially her enormous charms that her followers adore so much.

He constantly shares content on Instagram in addition to Twitter, as every good influencer manages to promote certain brands with their photos and some videos, Demi Rose She is definitely an exemplary model, to this day she has 15 million 700 thousand followers on her Instagram, although there are other names that are close to reaching her figure have not managed to reach it.

Thanks to the fact that her production team finds a way to attract the attention of Internet users, the publications of the beautiful British model are worthy of the deepest praise and words of her fans as well as her like’s.

The same happened with his most recent publication, in it he appears wearing only two pieces of clothing, high animal print boots, a jacket and a bikini.


All the beauty of this world manifested in a perfect photo “,” What beautiful words and feelings that will come true! Good job dear Amanda! “Wrote some fans.

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Regarding her description Demi Rose only shared: “Untouchable but you feel this @prettylittlething”, the design she is wearing is from that brand she has been working with for a few months, but which has undoubtedly become one of the spoiled models for the reactions that his fans have in the publications he launches.

It is more than obvious to see that Demi Rose She is topless covering her enormous charms with the jacket that from what can be seen is quite plush and is also long, a day ago the model shared an image in which she was eating a delicious banana, if you paid attention to her outfit has the same piece at the bottom, just a different color.

So far it is not known if Demi Rose has ventured into the world of creating OnlyFans pages, it seems that this became fashionable a few months ago but not all celebrities have launched theirs as could be the case with the beautiful british.

With great income from advertising the companies with which it collaborates, perhaps to Demi Rose It is not necessary to launch this type of content, in addition to the fact that his photographs are the most daring, so he has no need to create an OnlyFans, however if he wants to launch it we are sure that he would immediately become someone much more popular than it already is.

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