Hubert Hurkacz: “Now I feel much more confident in myself”

He may not know it, but Hubert hurkacz began to win the Miami Masters 1000 five months ago. Specifically, at the moment when Iga Swiatek conquers Roland Garros and the rest of Polish athletes are nourished by inspiration. It is the explanation that the player himself shared in his last press conference in Florida, confirming where this current quality leap comes from. Of course, it is also the responsibility of his daily work with Craig Boynton, the man who has accompanied him in this magical week until he captured the most important trophy of his career. Not even Jannik Sinner, his best friend on the circuit, was able to stop him in the final.

The tactic of the match

“To beat a player like Sinner you need to do things really well. He is an incredible player and an incredible person, a great competitor. He has an incredible future, that is clear to me. Today I tried to stay as solid as possible, I knew that he can hit every ball very hard, so if I let him do that, he just wouldn’t have a choice. I was holding his rhythm and fighting for every ball, that was the plan ”.

Sinner’s ‘mistake’ in the first set

“That I couldn’t close the first set was a turning point, it was a relief that it happened. I am super happy to have won this trophy, the most important of my life so far, so it is a very special day for me. I know he also had a chance to get 5-5 in the second set, he was in the middle of a comeback, he started to play better and I got nervous. He took more risks and was close, but that made me raise my level again to win the most important points of the game “

Absence of the Big3

“The best three weren’t in the draw, so I think all the NextGen guys were working to get our best game out this week and compete as hard as we could. I hope it has been a good week for the viewers, that they have enjoyed and liked it. Having a player like Jannik is great news for our sport, as are some other guys. It is not up to me to judge, but hopefully people have been able to enjoy watching us and supporting the tennis players who were in Miami this week ”.

Polish pride

“I am very proud of what Iga is doing, what he did at Roland Garros was incredible. I think that result made the rest of us gain confidence, it made us believe a little more in ourselves, both myself and other young Polish players. Now we really think that it is possible to win the great titles. I hope that with my game I can also inspire other people in Poland, and I hope you enjoyed this week too. I am super proud to be Polish and I am grateful for all the support I receive. Now that I am a Masters 1000 champion I feel a lot more motivation and confidence in myself, although I already felt it at the beginning of the season ”.

His relationship with Jannik

“I think the first time we met was at a Challenger in Italy, when I first got into the top 100, that was about three or four years ago. I remember that he had lost in the qualifying phase but he spent a few days training there, so one day we rallied together. We also shared training sessions in Monte Carlo a couple of seasons ago. He has always seemed like a super nice boy, as well as a super professional tennis player, you can tell that he wants to improve at all costs. He is a great guy, I wish him the best for the future.

Evolution as a player

“Today has been one of the best games I played in my life, although I was very solid throughout the tournament, I was able to pass each round, without losing my emotion at any time. Having experienced such a tournament is very special for me. I notice that my tennis is improving, I am working hard with my coach (Craig Boynton), we are very happy with what has happened here. We still have to improve some things, but that’s what the day to day is for. I need to go step by step, be the same person every day and constantly try to improve. The other boys are also working to improve, so I have to do the same if I want to beat them ”.