Huawei would cut its smartphone production to 37%

At its peak, Huawei projected to produce 189 million units. For 2021 it contemplates only 70 million.

It is no secret to anyone that Huawei through difficult times. After accumulating the impact of the multiple trade restrictions imposed by the government of Donald trump about them.

Along with the administration of Joe biden She doesn’t seem very willing to withdraw any of that anytime soon. Which has triggered multiple doubts about the future of the company’s smartphone division.

Little by little we have been observing that Huawei’s intention is to preserve its traditional launch calendar.

But apparently the production volume of units of each model would be a very different story from the one we knew from year to year.

A cut of almost 60%

According to a report by Nikkei Asia the Chinese manufacturer would have contacted its suppliers to inform them about its production projections for this 2021.

Huawei usually has a certain volume of demand for components. But for this year it will be much less.

Since it would happen 189 million terminals produced in 2020 to estimate that this 2021 will only manufacture about 70 million.

This represents a readjustment to exactly the 37.04% compared to the amount achieved last year. What would be a drastic change.

The reason for this situation would be precisely the accumulation of restrictions from the United States government that has reduced the production capacity of its smartphones.

Some informants cited by the source even estimate that the manufacture of terminals could fall to 50 million global units.

Under such a scenario the situation of this division of the business is extreme. Although there are rumors of potential negotiations for sell the emblematic P and Mate lines.