Huawei will bring old HarmonyOS smartphones back to life | Technology

The Chinese company will update some of its older models with an update to HarmonyOS, its operating system outside of Google that wants to become the alternative.

After the technological scandal that left Huawei out of the Android ecosystem because of Donald Trump and his accusation of espionage, the Chinese company had to make a living in a not easy situation for a company that lives largely from the manufacture of mobile devices .

Fortunately, life makes its way (as Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park), and Huawei’s decision was to create an own operating system that did not depend on Android Not at all, and despite the difficulty of the company, they got down to work.

Now, years later, HarmonyOS, the operating system born from this crash, is a reality. And although not many devices currently use it, Huawei has reported that a wide variety of older models will receive an update to this OS.

Devices that are confirmed to get the upgrade They are:

As you can see, some of these listed devices are phones that were from the pre-ban era, which which means they are running Android and have Google services.

The reality of Huawei is that they have smartphones that still work with Android and its Google services, others that were launched during the ban and that only use Android but without Google Play, and then those that are arriving with HarmonyOS.

With this measure it is understood that The Chinese company wants to begin to agglutinate its smartphones in a more homogeneous block possible in order to facilitate the future of your telephone fleet in the face of updates and services.

Even so, the commitment to HarmonyOS has not just started, since there are no plans to launch any new phone with this operating system in 2021, so we will surely talk about the update of the Chinese versions of those mobiles.

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