Huawei plans to ditch foreign components with its new PC

Huawei prepares the launch of a new PC that will have unique components and that will not depend on the United States for everything.

It seems that Huawei will take its technological independence much further thanks to its new PC, which will use components made by the brand itself and without the help of western technology.

There is a lot of background to this

It is very curious that The Simpsons seem to have predicted many things about the future of the United States with a great and very curious prediction, that of President Donald Trump.

In that prediction it was said that President Trump had bankrupted the entire country and now it was Lisa Simpson’s job, the new president of the United States, solve all the problem left by the previous administration.

And it is not so much the fact that Trump has really left his country’s economy destroyed, but his actions and beliefs managed to destroy important business relationships with companies abroad, one of them being Huawei.

It is thanks to all the above that not only Huawei, but many more and more companies, have tried to put aside the deal with the United States to start producing its own technological components and even operating systems.

We can see that now more than ever with the new Huawei PC that it will run with its own components. This one already has its first photos and is called MateStation B515.

Is empowered by a Kunpeng 920 (D920S10) developed by HiSilicon and manufactured by TSMC. Its processor will be four or eight cores with 2.6 GHz.

This will come with a 23.8 ”monitor and a 1080p resolution with a 1000: 1 ratio.

As you can see, it is a team that can compete without problem in the market thanks to everything it includes, in addition to it would be perfect for office work or home office. Obviously it is not so much for gaming but it was not intended for it. I think we really need one of those.