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Huawei He has launched HMS Core 6.0 for application developers around the world, a revamp that includes new open capabilities, as well as optimizations of some existing services and features. HMS Core (APK) is available on all devices updated to version 6.0 and the new services can now be accessed through Huawei Developers

HMS Core 6.0 comes with new and advanced technologies from the firm to achieve improvements in terms of fields, among others, such as the media, the graphic sector or telecommunications. And it is that, for example, for multimedia applications, the provider has the AV Pipeline Kit It provides a pre-defined network for creating high-resolution video, sound detection, and other multimedia services to meet the most specific needs of developers. In this sense, App compatibility will improve and power consumption will be reduced.

Regarding the graphics section, the 3D Modeling Kit enables new AI-based capabilities such as 3D object reconstruction and material generation for animation and e-commerce applications. Thanks to this, it makes it possible to create 3D images even with mobile phones -as long as there is an RGB camera installed-, providing more dynamism in the interaction with users. These services are now available for all Android device models.

Huawei launches HMS Core 6.0.

The Computer Graphics Kit, for its part, premieres the function “Volumetric Fog“which uses the volume rendering technique to achieve lighting and shadow effects on mobile devices, making indoor scenes more realistic for next-gen mobile games, especially Cyberpunk-style games. This function is available for all Vulkan compatible Android devices.

In the field of telecommunications, the Kit Network has upgraded its AI-powered network environment prediction feature that makes network parameters optimized, reducing application latency by up to more than 20%.

HMS Core 6.0 also offers other services, such as the Membership Kit, the Video Editor Kit and the Audio Editor Kit. To access all of them and more information, it is only necessary to visit the Web page company developers.

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