Huawei had long been determined to become the largest manufacturer in the mobile market and, paradoxes of fate, it has succeeded in the embargo of the United States, when theoretically it has been placed at a disadvantage with respect to a good part of its competition. Although it is not something of this month, because the Chinese giant already reached number 1 last April.

According to Counterpoint figures, Huawei would have repeated as the largest manufacturer of mobile phones on the planet for the second consecutive month, although Samsung does not seem to have taken this very well and in June, once the figures are published, we could have a new investment of positions. We will see what finally happens.

The quota has narrowed to the maximum

As we said, Huawei has already expressed in previous years its desire to become the largest manufacturer of mobile phones on the planet. So, the Chinese manufacturer was still the third in the ranking although its quarter-over-quarter growth showed that it could hunt down Apple at some point in the future, something that ended up happening soon after, thus rising to second place in the market.

Since then, quarter by quarter Huawei and Samsung have been moving their positions closer and closer until finally overtaking occurred in April. According to Counterpoint data, Huawei achieved a 21.4% share in April compared to Samsung’s 19.1%, which earned him the first place.

In the month of May, however, the figures for both manufacturers have come very close. Only a tenth separates both marks, with 19.7% for Huawei compared to 19.6% for a Samsung which has shown improvement compared to the previous month. The battle between the two opponents promises to be tough but, at least during this second month, Huawei is winning.

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Huawei is the largest manufacturer in the world for the second consecutive month but Samsung does not give up, according to Counterpoint