Huawei finally sells Honor due to the ‘tremendous pressure’ suffered due to the US blockade

The story is already well known. The United States accused Huawei of spying through equipment for 5G networks and blocked the use of its devices in its own country. But in addition to that, including Huawei in its entity list meant the end of Huawei’s business with North American companies which caused him to lose access to Google services, Qualcomm processors and many more.

Since then, Huawei has been weathering the storm with different mobile phone launches without Google services but with Android, and with a Harmony OS on the near horizon. However, it seems that the pressure has already been too high and rumors have ended up confirming that Honor, its second brand for a long time, has left the nest. Honor has been sold to a Shenzhen consortium.

Honor now operates on its own

Honor was born in 2013 and it was in 2020 that it was completely spun off from its parent brand, Huawei. The rumors had been ringing since last month but it has finally become completely official. Huawei confirms that Honor passes to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., and becomes a de facto completely independent brand.

This proprietary Honor consortium is made up of more than 30 agents and distributors from the city that represents the nerve center of global mobile phone manufacturing, Shenzhen. The official figures of this sale have not transcended but there is talk that it would be around 12,800 or 13,000 million euros.

After said sale, Huawei will completely separate from Honor both logistically and commercially, and neither does it reserve a percentage of its shareholding or it will form part of the decision-making of the same. Huawei says that this decision has been caused by the difficulties in obtaining components for its mobile phones and the ‘tremendous pressure’ exerted by the United States.

Huawei’s official statement, published on its website.

Honor, now completely independent, should be automatically released from the veto of the United States and it will be able to function again as a conventional mobile phone brand. It will be seen, from now on, what decisions they make regarding future phones and providers. It remains to be seen what happens to Huawei from now on, as its main brand is still affected by the veto.

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The family is broken: Huawei finally sells Honor due to the ‘tremendous pressure’ suffered due to the US blockade