Huawei confirms the sale of Honor, a new victim of the trade war with the United States

In recent weeks, there has been speculation about the possibility that Huawei will part with Honor, the brand of smartphones with which the Asian giant wanted to conquer the middle market segment and that stood out for a “young and carefree” style.

Today it can be announced not only that the sale has been officially confirmed (Honor has been acquired by the Chinese consortium Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology), but also the reasons that have prompted Huawei to sell the firm.

Thus, as reported by the multinational in an official statement, “Huawei’s consumer business has been under tremendous pressure lately. This has been due to a persistent lack of availability of technical elements necessary for our mobile phone business ”. In other words, the Asian company confirms what was suspected: the war that the United States has with the company has led it to be in a situation of technical infeasibility, so it can be said that indirectly, Donald Trump has forced the sale of the brand.

For Honor fans this is actually good news, since it implies that the company is saved: in the hands of a new conglomerate, the company will probably be able to avoid all the restrictions that continue to affect Huawei right now, and not only when it comes to acquire technical components, but also to, for example, be able to count on the Google application store.

To make this possible, Huawei has ensured that once the sale process is completed, the company will not have any participation in the form of capital or shares in Honor, nor will it be involved in any of the business decisions that Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology take from now on.

The truth is that despite the sanctions imposed by the United States, Huawei does not seem like things have gone badly in the last year. In fact, in the recent announcement of its financial results for the third quarter of this year, the company has announced a revenue increase of 9.9%, reaching 671 million yuan.

To this must be added that in recent days it seems that the American pressure on Huawei seems to have loosened a bit and as we mentioned yesterday, the United States has allowed Qualcomm to sell its processors to the firm again, always yes, that they are 4G .