Huawei announces line to optimize connectivity in 5G networks


To improve the connectivity of the 5G networks, the world’s leading telecommunications company, Huawei, announced the expansion of multi-antenna technology for all bands and scenarios, starting with a series of products to improve the user experience.

During the Mobile World Congress 2021, held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the company launched a series of 5G products and solutions targeting 5G “1 + N” target networks. This line is made up of five products: massive MIMO 64T64R with ultra-wide band of 400 MHz; Industry’s lightest 64T64R massive MIMO; BladeAAU Pro, BladeRRU Pro, and Massive MIMO FDD, which, according to Yang Chaobin, president of Huawei’s wireless product line, will provide a first-rate experience.

With the launch of this series, our goal is to bring multi-antenna technology to all stages and bands. Various products within the solutions are unique and will help operators efficiently implement 5G networks and provide a first-rate experience, ”said Chaobin.

He also announced that Huawei “will work with global partners to innovate and share the benefits of 5G with all users.”

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