He Huawei’s first smartphone with its HarmonyOS operating system will be a reality in 2021. This has been revealed by the head of the firm, Richard Yu, who also anticipates that this software will be implemented in a wide range of smart devices.

HarmonyOS began to be known a little over a year ago, when the signature revealed this operating system on various smart TVs. It was supposed the first advance and preparation for a most uncertain future due to the constant restrictions on the part of the United States, the most serious of them being the limitation to establish commercial relations between Huawei and Google, making it impossible for the most typical Android services , like the Play Store application store, were included in the smartphones of the Asian house.

Just over 12 months later, the Chinese giant appears ready to announce the definitive step towards consolidating your software. There are few doubts, however, that the firm will have to clear up next week at the Huawei Developers Conference, its annual event focused on the field of development.

Huawei’s business is up in the air

With the many unknowns posed by the introduction of a new operating system in the mobile segment, Huawei has yet to elucidate your future in relation to the manufacture and distribution of components for your smartphones. The United States is carrying out an effective resource drowning by prohibiting the trade of key companies for the Asian brand in the manufacture of chips, for example.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a key player in the sector, will cut its supplies to the company next week. Likewise, from the United States they have also proposed to veto Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), whose largest volume of business lies in China. Actions that leave Huawei with fewer and fewer friends and the possibility of continuing its business without interruption.

Although HarmonyOS can compose a viable solution for the company in the field of software, it will not be, therefore, the key that opens all the doors for its continuity. The future of technology, despite its efforts, continues to be plagued with uncertainty.