¿Hoy program ?, unintentionally reveal “romance” between drivers

¿Hoy Program ?, unintentionally reveal “romance” between drivers | Instagram

Did he screw it up ?, dear host of famous morning television “spoke too much” and ended up talking about the “forbidden love” of two of his companions. Are they members of the Hoy Program?

The truth is that these personalities have nothing to do with the morning star of Televisa, because the television program they are part of is The sun rises, from Imagen Televisión and it was the Lady of Good Saying, Talina Fernández, who sinned inadvertently.

The revelation of what might be between fellow drivers of Talina fernandez came to light after they met in the section “Trapitos al Sol”, where they questioned who was the most rogón of the morning.

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The conductors agreed when indicating that Carlos Arenas was the most rogón and Luz María Zetina also went further, assuring that she begged Paulina Mercado a lot. Talina ended up increasing the situation by ensuring that the two are “envelopes.”

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There is a very strange thing … they are both envelopes, what happens is that they are a couple of cowards who do not get excited, revealed the Lady of Good Saying.

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There is nothing unusual about Carlos Arenas, who is completely single; However, it does cause some controversy regarding Paulina, since the host of is in a relationship.

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It is normal that in Sale el Sol they make some hints about what could be a couple, and even recently Carlos and Paulina were about to kiss each other in the middle of the program. Will this forbidden love cease to be at some point?

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