‘Hoy Día’: From the news to the sexy dance of the drivers


Photo: Hoy Día / Telemundo

From the news to the sexy drivers danceWhat show? From ‘Today’. Yes, Adamari López, Chiquibaby, and above all, Nacho Lozano and Arantxa Loizaga surprised by doing a dance that will leave you with your mouth open.

As you read it, Nacho left the daily anger and the screams of his so risque editorials, to shake his hips. Arantxa abandoned the seriousness, and followed the music from side to side with her body until she almost touched the floor … Of course, they both had two luxurious teachers, the very pregnant Chiquibaby, whose tummy did not prevent her from having her dance, and Ada who was practically ‘the choreographer’.

How many days were they rehearsing? That detail we do not know, but we do Lozano thanked López for his patience when marking the steps and practicing with him, even behind the scenes while the Telemundo morning show was live.

let’s remember that when the change was made from ‘A New Day’ to ‘Today’, it was not only renew part of the presenters, but Those who were removed, as in the case of Héctor Sandarti, the reason given by the managers is that it did not go with the profile, because now they would focus more on news.

However, while they still maintain their goal of reporting first, we see how little by little they have been changing course, steering more for the entertainment side, and giving prominence to the presenters and their adventures.

We already saw Adamari López with her own mini-novel within the show, ‘The Luck of Ada’. To Chiquibaby with the announcement and the follow-up of all the adventures of a new pregnant woman.

Now it was time to be more risky, accepting this challenge that, although, It does not contradict the message they want to give, it does surprise because it goes beyond what was imagined.

Does this help for the rating or is it pure fun? If the intention is the first, it is unlikely that it will serve you, because Despite their efforts, they have not been able to progress in their numbers, ‘Despierta América’ continues to lead the schedule, iEven with a greater difference than they made when competing with ‘A New Day’.

But what if it works is the fun that gets them a little bit of so much difficult news that they have to give daily, and the truth is that the little dance was worthy of a musical work: coordinated, entertaining, with grace and showing that dance is good for everyone.