Howard Finkel loses life, presenter and WWE Hall of Famer | INSTAGRAM

WWE dresses in mourning. The company announced that the famous presenter of the years, Howard Finkel, perished at the age of 69, although the causes are not well specified.

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When it comes to the best advertisers in the history of sports and sports entertainment, the name Howard Finkel is always considered, as the Newark, New Jersey native “The Fink” made his announcer debut at Madison Square Garden in 1977 for WWE’s predecessor company, WWWF.

It was in 1979 when Finkel became a full-time announcer for WWWF, and when WWE was established in 1980, “The Fink” became the first official employee, who eventually became the longest-serving.

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Finkel’s distinctive voice is instantly recognizable, and over the decades the triumphs of Superstars like Ultimate Warrior, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and more were crowned by his signature “and NEW Champion …” which unfortunately will no longer be heard. .

Despite being an announcer only, Howard also had in-ring battles. In 1995, he faced rival Harvey Wippleman in a Raw Smocking Match, and then helped X-Pac shave off Jeff Jarrett’s head in a Hair vs. Head Match. Hair at SummerSlam in 1998.

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In addition to his on-camera career, The Fink was also a must-have piece within WWE offices for his vast knowledge of the history of sports entertainment. Loved by his colleagues, Superstars and Legends, Finkel received the highest honor in the industry when he was announced as a member of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

WWE published a few hours ago on its official website a press release reporting that the legendary presenter Howard Finkel has lost his life at 69 years of age. For the moment, the company has not offered any official details regarding the cause.

However, a couple of years ago, in an episode broadcast in the Summer of 2018 of Jerry Lawler’s podcast, he revealed that “The Fink” was going through a delicate situation regarding his state of health and although Lawler did not know exactly what It was the exact problem, in February 2019, the information came out that he had suffered a stroke that left him prostrate in a wheelchair.

So it is likely that the loss of life is a sequel to said problem, however, neither relatives nor the company have issued any message explaining the cause.
Renowned wrestling company WWE extends its condolences to the Finkel family, friends and fans of the idol, as well as fans have dedicated messages of regret for the loss and messages of support in difficult times to the family.