The engine elements are metallic and good lubrication is the key to prevent these metals from wearing out

David and Abraham, two Dominicans who have resided in New York for 10 years. David, apart from being an excellent mechanic, is also very kind and has a good sense of humor. They work at Nationwide Auto Shop, a workshop located at 72-09 Queens Blvd, in Woodside.

Courtesy Rodrigo Salazar

Welcome to our guide of Mechanics Tips, where you will find tips and advice to save money and keep your car in optimal conditions.


There have always been people who have cars with very high mileage and continue to keep them out of love, because they continue to work very well or because it is very useful to them.

Cars that have engines with many miles have to have a different type of maintenance, special products must be used to help the engine continue to function properly

These vehicles must be made.

Repair bugs immediately. If a fault is left for a while, it can lead to more failures and can result in a chain reaction.
Do the maintenance service of the autor. try to do all the maintenance services in their ideal time and avoid not doing the maintenance causing a failure
Quality parts. Use quality parts to guarantee the operation of the car.
Handled with caution. Drive the car carefully and you will have many more miles.

High mileage oil

After 70,000 miles a lot of things happen inside your vehicle, some of those things are:

Lots of contact between metal engine components
Temperature accumulation
Traces on the internal parts of the power plant

Cars that have traveled more miles may need additional help to stay lubricated, so that the engine does not start to have compression loss and keep developing the ideal power and torque.

The engine elements are metallic and good lubrication is the key so that these metals do not wear out.


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