Among the scope of the presidential decree that allows various activities in the province of Santa Fe is sports. According to the text, the facilities may be enabled for the purpose of practicing sports activities that do not involve physical contact among the participants ”, sports among which the tennis, which has thousands of practitioners in the city.

In the Official Gazette it is clarified that these activities (golf would also enter) may be resumed “prior approval of the particular protocols of each discipline by the local authorities, which must have the assent of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Santa Fe ”.

Rosario tennis awaits officialization on the part of the province and municipality, but the Santafesina Federation already has ready the protocol that will be applied to maintain health care and prevent contagion among athletes. AND the clubs of the Rosarina Association finalize details to receive their partners again under the permitted conditions.

Official communication we did not have any yet, although already from the Sports Department of the Municipality they warned us that our sport is going to be one of the enabled. We are going to wait, but we already have the protocol ready, “he told Jorge Capella, the president of the provincial federation.

City clubs prepare their facilities for return.

Rosario clubs have been working piece by piece to have lists of the iInstallations and the shift allocation system which will be used to allow players to return to the courts. According to the respective protocol, the main details are:

– At the income of the partners, with a previously assigned shift, they will take the fever and they will be given alcohol gel in their hands for cleaning

Shoe cleaning, before and after the shift.

Matches will be in singles only and will last 45 minutes. The remaining 15 hours will be allocated for cleaning and disinfecting the courts and for the departure of members. Until the players from the previous turn do not leave the establishment, they cannot enter the next turn.

– The changing rooms will be closed.

– Each club will define whether enable the bar or kiosk for the “take away” mode, but without enabling tables

– i is recommendedI enter with the least amount of elements possible and identify the area where they can leave these elements.

– I know discourages the use of wristbands.

Avoid side shifts

– Use a maximum of six balls preferably new, or failing that, previously disinfected.

Each player will touch with his hands only the three identified balls with its own brand

What nor was just defined is still if all the courts will be used or some will be disabled. “We are considering the idea of ​​using one yes and the other no, but we still have to define it,” said Silvio Monsanto, director of sports for Gymnastics and Fencing.

The parties will only be in the singles modality.

How do I take the turn

About how club members will do their turns, Cristian Laurino (director of the Rosarina Tennis Association) He commented to Rosario3 that the vast majority of institutions have acquired a special software so that the award of shifts and your payment is made online.

Clubs like Jockey, Fisherton, GER, Rowing or Regattas already have the software that will allow its members to reserve the courts online. And just in case the technology fails or collapses due to the number of orders, they will have the telephone line ready. The same are being prepared by other entities such as Sorrento Open Club or Rosario Lawn Tennis, in areas where only that sport is played.

For his part, Provincial (a club that has suffered a lot from the loss of corporate dues collection) is working in the way reservations will be made, while Plaza (Atlético del Rosario) have not yet decided if they will open tennis courts to their partners or if they will wait until rugby and hockey can be practiced again, the most popular sports.

“Beyond that perhaps it is not ideal, because the protocol has restrictions, all the clubs believe that you have to start yes or yes. As the days go by, the gear will move so that other sports can think about returning. The fact that the clubs have activities again with their members inside is the kick so the rest of sports have a return horizon closer, ”said Laurino.

The boys will not be able to take classes for now.

Tennis classes, no boys

Regarding tennis classes, the province protocol has details that it shares with that of the matches and other particular features: for example, will be 16 and up. The boys, for now, will not be able to attend.

– Only the individual classes (Teacher +1) and group classes of a maximum of two students (Teacher + 2).

– The use of few balls for the dictation of the class. These must be previously identified with a marking that distinguishes them.

-The the only person responsible for collecting the balls will be the teacherOnly he / she can touch them with the hand.

Entrance to any other outsider will not be allowed to the class during the duration of the class

-The teacher will use the reference 6-8 meters away approximate with respect to the students.

-It is recommended that all exercises, be it warm-up or central exercises, be carried out in individually and respecting the distance previously suggested.

Works very close to the network should be avoided. In the case of rallies between two players, it is recommended that each player be at the back of the court.