How United We Can wants to reinvent itself in these two years

Belarra, Díaz and Iglesias (Photo: GTRES)

Pablo Iglesias no longer has a ponytail. It has been cut off. It is the symbol of a new time, with the omnipresent leader already out of politics. A second stage begins at United We Can, just when the ten-year anniversary of 15-M has passed and with the question of whether the party will survive without its great name. The ‘morados’ are planning their future these days, with the foreseeable two-year margin for the end of the legislature, and with two women in charge of the project: Yolanda Díaz and Ione Belarra.

It was the elephant nobody wanted to talk about: the succession. And the departure of Iglesias has precipitated everything, with two consequent relays in the Government and in the party. In the Executive, he was left tied next to Pedro Sánchez in the figure of Yolanda Díaz, for a few weeks the third vice president and highest ‘purple’ authority within the Council of Ministers. The party will be resolved in less than a month, with the celebration of the Citizen Assembly that will conclude on June 13 with the results of the new leadership and the future direction. Ione Belarra, Minister of Social Rights, has already taken a step forward to take over Podemos from that day (in the absence of more candidates).

In this way there will be a kind of bicephaly. That is, Yolanda Díaz is not from Podemos, so she cannot take over the General Secretariat, but she is called to be the candidate in the general elections of United Podemos (the list in which Podemos, IU and their territorial confluences go). The Labor Minister has not yet confirmed whether she will appear in the primaries, when they touch, to be ‘number one’ on that ballot. Belarra remains on the sidelines of that race in principle and will be, if the Assembly wins, the general secretary. He has already publicly said that he does not …

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