How two-step verification works

Provide more security to your Telegram account with this function.

Telegram is a messaging application that stands out for its diverse number of functions related to the security and privacy of users.

The blue app that has become WhatsApp’s most direct competition. For several years now, it has incorporated the well-known 2-step security function, and this time we are going to show you how to activate it.

The performance of the 2 steps is a function that provides greater security to your account. Each time you want to log in to a different device, you will have to enter a code that will arrive via email.

It is a very safe function that you can activate without any complications, in a matter of a few minutes you can do it.

How to activate the 2 steps in Telegram

If you want to have your Telegram account much more protected then do not hesitate to activate the 2 steps.

To do this, you are going to go to the icon with the three horizontal points located in the upper left.

Now what you will do is enter the Settings option and then you will touch on Privacy and security.

In that section you will see different options, but in this case you will look for the one that says « two-step verification ».

You will click on « Create password » and also a recovery email. You will use the code that will arrive in your email and that’s it.