How to write faster with these fun online games

Despite touchscreens, typing is still a good ally for write faster in front of the computer. And it is that its theoretical bases, such as placing each finger where it touches, will help you type at a higher speed.

However, to type faster you will also need some practice, i.e. practice every day. What’s more, if you spend a lot of time typing, you’ve probably improved a lot over time and will place each finger on its corresponding key.

Be that as it may, on the internet you will find online games with which Put into practice what has been learned in your typing classes or just to exercise your fingers typing at the highest speed possible and accurately.

We started with a typing website that offers various online games. His name is and has seven games for practice typing while having fun.

Write fasterWrite faster

Each game has a different way of applying typing. In zombies, for example, you must write words to take down the walking dead Before they devour you What all these online games do have in common is that they offer various levels of difficulty and which keyboard rows or types of words you want to see on the screen.

Thus, while having fun, you will practice the three rows of keys on your keyboard or you will be able to write easy or difficult words, numbers or letters. Another advantage of these online games, in addition to being free, is that you don’t need to register to play them.


You will also find online games to play for free at FreeTypingGame. Specific, nine different games that, although they do not stand out for their graphics, they will surprise you by how fun they are.

Write fasterWrite faster

To practice the typing lesson that you want, you can decide the level of difficulty and if you want to use the three rows of keys, all the letters, only the left half of the keyboard, only the right … It also allows play with words that are often misspelled or words in other languages.

In online games you will find car races, a Space Invaders with words, a game for test write speed and exceed your best mark, etc. So up to nine games to practice your typing.


Although it is only available in English, KidzType offers up to 20 online games for children and toddlers. Games stand out because they allow learn typing from its foundations while playing from the web browser.

Write fasterWrite faster

Fights, races, flights and other activities with which to write faster while you beat levels or score as high as possible. And in order not to exceed the difficulty, in the previous configuration it is possible to choose difficulty level or if you want to use all keyboard rows or practice with one of them.

In the words of those responsible, these online games are designed to children of all ages and for all types of keyboards. All in all, anyone can play them and have a good time while practicing how to position your fingers correctly on the computer keyboard.


If you like shoot ’em up shoot’em up games, in ZType you will find a good tribute to this genre of video games where to shoot enemy ships you must write words correctly.

Write fasterWrite faster

The game is in English but it does the job. The first levels will show you short words. But little by little things will get complicated so that you have to make an effort to write faster to avoid destroy your ship.

The game is free, online and, as a curiosity, you can enter your own text so that words appear at random. So you will play by practicing typing in your language or with the words of your choice.