How to win Spain United States Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

When an important task is not fulfilled, consequences must be assumed and the one that has been dealt with by Spain in these Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 it is very tricky. Not even the worst nightmares contemplated the option of facing United States in the quarterfinals and that the glorious stage of La Familia would come to an end without a medal option. As much as the US team has shown some weakness in the preparatory tour and with their defeat to France in the group stage, it is evident that the longer they are together the automatisms in their game are accentuated and they begin to carbure accordingly. a team of his level.

Their motivation will be through the roof against Spain, aware that they have been their great rival in recent decades and that they can put an end to the air of rebellion that Pau Gasol has led with his teammates. The match played in Las Vegas prior to the start of the tournament gives some clues as to what the Spanish team should focus on if it intends to strike. Faced with such a physical and fast team, the figure of Usman Garuba can be decisive to balance the athletic battle and ensure victory in the battle of the rebound, something fundamental for the aspirations of the Spanish. It will be key to register a very important outside hit and find Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol in the low post, with the ability to distribute balls from the header and in the paint.

Usman Garuba can be decisive in the physical battle of rebounding and defense

The defense of the perimeter by Abalde, Rudy and Clave will be of paramount importance. It will not be easy to raise defenses of two against one due to the accumulation of talent on the part of the American team, so it will be necessary to trust that all these players are efficient moving up lines and can steal balls. Ricky Rubio will play a predominant role in both defense and attack and will have to be much more clairvoyant in attack than he did against Slovenia. France showed the way and highlighted the shortcomings of a team that can suffer with a dominating center in front and have problems circulating the ball and playing with confidence if the outside shots do not enter.

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