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Mexico City / 22.01.2021 12:08:50

The Mexican group Devil skull was born in 2018, when Macehual, one of its members, composed the song « Nahual » and the label he worked with promoted the creation of the band. His music is a mix between classic rock influences and traditional rhythms from the regions of Mexico: they are huasteco, huapango and corrido.

In their presentations, each member wears a characteristic mask: Macehual, Calavera, Diablo, Santero and Nahual, from different regions of the country such as Mexico City, Oaxaca, Jalisco and Guerrero, among others. By letting go of their faces, they allow ancient and everyday values ​​to coexist on stage and anonymity to begin to function as a symbol of identity and empathy, which represents a nation and not a person or a musical idol.

His first self-titled album, released in 2018, contains the songs « Calavera », « Malinalli », « Sabio y diablo », « Nahual », « Noche sin luna », « Quetzalcóatl », « Tierra de los dios » and « Esclavo y love »; From this album, the group made various arrangements for acoustic performances. Since then it has achieved great acceptance by the public, imposing itself on the alternative scene.

Now Devil skull offers us a virtual concert. This show, which is already part of the collection of the National Sound Library and it was recorded at its headquarters in Coyoacán last December, it can now be enjoyed on the Fonoteca’s Facebook page.