How to watch videos with friends through Messenger and Instagram, with “Watch together”

Facebook announced the novelty in September, although it has not been until now when it has begun to activate Facebook Messenger users: the possibility of watch videos at the same time with friends during a video call.

This function comes under the name of See together and is complemented by the videos on Facebook Watch, the « youtube » of the house. We tell you how to use Watch Together to watch synchronized videos with friends in a video call Messenger or Instagram.

How to watch videos together with Messenger

Facebook has spent much of the year unifying the messaging services of Messenger and Instagram, in such a way that news from one does not take long to reach the other. Seeing together is therefore available both in Facebook Messenger calls as well as Instagram calls.

The process to watch a video in a Messenger or Instagram video call is very simple. First, you need to start the video call with one or more people and then tap on Watch together, shown at the bottom. Then it’s time to choose the video -or the music- that you want to see at the same time. In Messenger, it appears when you swipe up. On Instagram, you must first tap on the Media button.

Watch Together allows you to watch Facebook Watch videos, IGTV, Reels, movies or video clips from different sources with friends, and you can choose from the suggestions, the videos you have seen before or use the search.

After choosing the video, playback begins, which is synchronized so that all participants see the same part at the same time. In this way, if someone stops playing, stops for everyone, and if someone takes time to load the video, the rest must wait too.


How to watch videos with friends through Messenger and Instagram, with « Watch together »