How to watch the videos without them noticing?

The short video platform has privacy mechanisms that allow it to go « unnoticed ».

There are two types of users within TikTok, those who produce content and those who consume each of the trends that take place on the platform on a daily basis. That is why the Asian social network has available some mechanisms that allow more « privacy » to those users who do not want to be « recognized ».

The most basic ways to be « unnoticed » within the Asian social network, is putting a username with another name and assigning any image in the profile photo.

However, from TikTok there is a mechanism where you can customize the user experience to your preferences. In other words it could be, « easily hide your account » from third parties.

Below the step by step of this configuration

How to make my account invisible

You must enter TikTok
Click on the section I
Then you must select the menu of the three points vertically found in the upper corner
At that moment you must press the option Privacy and Safety
Then choose the section Private Account
Then you will click on the option Suggest your account to others.
You can also disable the option to Ad authorization And advertisers won’t use your content to promote products.

By doing all these steps you will have an account that no one can spy on and that also TikTok will never recommend you to other users, automatically becoming an « invisible » account that will continue to consume the content of the social network.

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