How to watch Formula E in 2021 for free: ALL methods

Formula E

The Formula E It is the future that Formula 1 is looking at. Within a few years the EU intends to completely eliminate combustion engines, and manufacturers will be forced to make only electric and more respectful cars, so categories such as F1 would be irrelevant . Therefore, either the F1 ends up merging with the FE, or it will disappear and leave the FE as the highest engine category …

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Far from what many think, it is an entertaining championship, with enough equality, where there is action on the track and touches, even if it is silent and without emissions … Therefore, if you want to be up to date with the news of the 100% electric championship, you should not miss the different races and leave preparing for the future of automotive and motorsport. And for that, the options to see Formula E are many, as you can see …

Along with F2, the Formula E championship is one of those that gives the most points for the Superlicense if any driver wishes to qualify for Formula 1

A championship that also has a lot spanish flavor, since this FIA championship has Alejandro Agag as general director, as well as a home GP… And many well-known F1 faces that have ended up here.

How to see Formula E 2021: all methods

If you want to follow all the free practice sessions, qualifying and race Formula E, you have at your fingertips several ways, some paid and others totally free. Here we have selected the best of all to make it easy for you and that you only have to worry about enjoying motor events …


DAZN logo Formula E

DAZN logo Formula E

DAZN is the streaming platform dedicated to the engine that has been the most competitive. Its offer is unstoppable, with all the motor sport that you like the most, such as Formula E. Thanks to it you can follow everything that happens in HD quality and live, or on demand whenever you want to see it.

For only € 9.99 / month or, if you want save some moneyBy paying the one-time fee of € 99.99 / year, you will be able to have access to all the sessions broadcast and commented on in Spanish, as well as a huge sports catalog among which you will find many others related to motor racing. If you have doubts about the operation or what DAZN can offer you, you can try 1 month for free without any commitment from now on.

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How to watch Formula E 2021 on your mobile

As you know, DAZN can be installed on Smart TVs thanks to the official app that is in the application stores of these platforms, but it is also natively for mobile devices with iOS and Android. In order to install it completely free of charge, you can access these download points:

Once installed, you can access with your subscription and start enjoying Formula E, both the future races that will be broadcast, as well as the past ones that you have missed. And remember that you have 1 month free if you sign up now.

Eurosport 2



Eurosport 2 You can also offer this Formula E championship. You already know that some payment platforms offer this thematic channel in the pack, you can also hire it on your own through their streaming service. Also, if you have DAZN you are in luck, since this platform has an agreement to broadcast this channel, so you can also watch it from there in the same way as on Eurosport …

Try DAZN 1 month free

See Formula E for free using IPTV or satellite dishes

See Formula E with parabolic

See Formula E with parabolic

Through IPTV and satelliteWith satellite dish, you will also be able to access certain channels that broadcast free to air and for free to watch Formula E. Remember that you can use IPTV or a satellite decoder to also capture pirated signals, which would not be legal. However, if you stick to free channels, you can enjoy it legally.

I recommend you not to waste your time with certain apps like Wiseplay and the like, where they promise that you will be able to watch a multitude of paid channels for free. Not only because they are illegal methods, but also because you will also find a multitude of obstacles, such as channels that do not work, cuts, low quality, having to search for lists on the net to update them, etc.

Use the method that you like the most, both with VLC, Kodi, Smart IPTV, etc., for IPTV, as with a oriented parabolic to the appropriate satellite to capture the channels that broadcast it. In this second case, you will need a list of channels that broadcast it, even in other languages, and those reference channels for Europe are:

# 8211; # 8211; Channel Country ORF 1 Austria RTBF Belgium Esport3 Spain L’Equipe France Prosieben.Sat1 Media Germany Mediaset Italy Ziggo Netherlands

Formula E 2021 calendar

Formula E calendar

Formula E calendar

From AM we offer you the most relevant information on the different engine categories. But if you don’t want to lose even the smallest detail and experience the excitement every weekend, you can take a look at this one. Formula E calendar, to know the dates you have to reserve in the calendar:

Saudi Arabia (Diriyah): February 26-27 Italy (Rome): April 10-11 Spain (Valencia): April 24-25 Monaco (Monte Carlo): May 8 Mexico (Puebla): June 19-20 EE USA (New York): July 10-11 UK (London): July 24-25

If you’ve come this far and you still don’t know how see all races of Formula E past and those to come, we recommend that you try DAZN, you have 1 month free taking advantage of this offer.

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