Getting the blue tick is the great dream of many, learn how to request Instagram to verify your account.

Today the vast majority of users of social networks like Facebook also have a Instagram accountbut come on, who wouldn’t want to have the « blue mark » to « jump to fame » and stop being a « Nobody »? The blue tick means « status » in Instagram, you become « la creme de la creme ».

The point is that Instagram give that privilege to only a few, so it may not be an easy task for you to get the check mark for your account.

What does it mean to have a verified account on Instagram?

The check mark on Instagram guarantees that the account is authentic

Instagram It has millions of users, and the number is growing more and more, that is why it is very common to find several users with the same name or with very similar names, this also facilitates the proliferation of fake accounts and the identity fraud.

Fake accounts are generally created to emulate accounts of famous people and many users fall into this trap believing that they are following the official account of a celebrity they admire from the world of entertainment or sports.

In order to avoid this type of scam, in 2014 Instagram introduced the possibility of verifying accounts to let followers know that it is an official account and not an identity theft.

Verified accounts are easily recognizable by the blue check mark or verification badge that appears to the right side of the user’s name. When you follow an account with check mark, this guarantees that the person you follow is the true owner of that account.

What are the requirements to verify an account on Instagram?

As we already mentioned, it is not so easy to get the instagram check mark, since there are many people who, despite meeting all the requested requirements, have never received verification from the social network.

The fundamental requirements to be able request account verification are: comply with the terms of service and the community rules of Instagram. In addition, in order to request verification, your account must be:

Authentic: To verify your account you must be able to prove that you are a real person, a trademark or registered company and that you really are who you say you are.

Only: You can only request the verification of one account per person or company on Instagram. There may be some exceptions for accounts in different languages, but this is something for very specific cases. General interest accounts, such as those dedicated to compiling memes, do not qualify to be verified by Instagram and neither can the fan-created accounts.

Public: a fundamental requirement is that the account must be visible to everyone, if your Instagram account is private it does not qualify to receive a verification.

Remarkable: accounts that qualify for verification must represent a recognized and highly sought person, brand or entity,

Many users already have verified accounts on Facebook, but this does not mean that it is easier to obtain one account verification for Instagram, getting verified for Facebook account is much easier.

How can I request my account verification?

Steps to follow to request verification of your Instagram account

Request the account verification on Instagram it’s a fairly easy thing to do. It will only take a few minutes, we tell you the steps you must follow:

Log in: if you use more than one account in Instagram Make sure you are logging in where you want to verify.

The first thing you have to do is click on the hamburger menu found in the upper right corner of your profile.

Go to the end of the menu and click on the option Setting.

Choose the option Bill.

Click on Request verification.

Confirm your identity completing the data that Instagram will ask you:

Full name: you must place your name as it appears on your official ID (DNI, Passport, Identity Card, etc.)

Alias: your alias can be your name or the name of your companyIt is always advisable to use the one that is best known by the people who follow you or potential followers. if they know you more for a nickname or nickname that by your real name, put that information in this space.

Category: You can choose between different categories to show what your account is about, the available options are: news – media, sports, government – politics, music, fashion, entertainment, blogger – influencer, business – brand – organization and others.

Upload a copy of an official government issued ID that has your photograph, for example passport, driver’s license or some other official identification. In the case of being a company, a utility bill can be found that is the name of the company or a tax return, the important thing is that the name of the document matches the name entered previously.

Hit the button Send.

After you have sent all the information Instagram will review the request and will take care to confirm the authenticity of the data sent.

If Instagram I decided to give you the check mark They will let you know in a message that will arrive in your notifications, but do not expect the response to be immediate since there is no specific time frame for this, so it can take several days.

While anyone can submit a request for verify your Instagram account this does not guarantee that verification will be granted.

Don’t use « alternative methods » to get your verification

Avoid getting into trouble by using dubious methods or trying to trick Instagram when requesting verification.

In this sense Instagram It is very clear and says that you should not attempt to verify your account through a third party serviceNot only can this cause you to lose your account completely, but there are also many scammers who will try to make you believe that you can get verification by paying for her, so avoid falling for one of the many scams you can find on Instagram.

Do not give up

If after having followed all the steps you did not get a favorable answer, do not worry, You can request the verification of your account again as many times as you want, there is no limit to that.

Take time to make the necessary changes to your profile, use some effective strategy to gain more followers And to achieve loyalty, an account with very few followers does not qualify to be verified. After 30 days you can request the verification again.

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