How to use ZAVI to have online meetings?

If 2020 has been the great year of video conferencing, to the point that we were recently analyzing which is the best video calling app to use with your family, it does not seem that in 2021 they will be left aside. And it is that while we can already meet almost all our loved ones, many of the tasks related to work continue to be developed through a mobile phone or computer. That is precisely why, in this article, we wanted to dwell on a not so well known software: ZAVI and its online meetings.

In the first instance we must say, then, that when we talk about ZAVI we refer to an application created and developed by Zalo Group. A secure and easy-to-use platform for online meeting rooms.

As for its features, probably the most interesting thing is the level of security it achieves, something essential these days in which users are increasingly suspicious about the privacy of their movements.

ZAVI and the best of its online meetings

However, if it is a question of discovering what are the great benefits of using ZAVI, we can stay with these:

Multiplatform program, available both on MacOS and Windows, iOS and Android The ZALO Group cares about the safety of users, and meetings have a password Up to 100 people can join a meeting at the same time Both image and sound quality is above Its operation is as simple and intuitive as other apps

ZAVI meetings line 3ZAVI meetings line 3

How to use ZAVI on my devices?

Of course, before you can use ZAVI on your devices, you will first have to download it from these links:

Once you have downloaded the content from these official sites, you will only have to proceed with the installation of ZAVI. It will take just a few seconds and when it is done, you will be able to access its user interface.

Create a new online meeting step by step

With ZAVI already open, to create a new meeting you simply have to click on that option. By doing so, you will see that it is possible to add some basic data as well. For example, a subject and a password. The question of the password is not minor, since all your guests will have to enter it in order to access the room.

If you are one of those who like extreme customization, you have to know that it is also possible to perform actions such as turning off the microphone of a member, turning off their camera, etc. As in Zoom and the others, let’s go.

For someone to access the room you chair, you can invite them yourself through a direct invitation, or you can indicate the code that refers to that meeting. In either case, you will have to enter the password.

ZAVI meetings line 2ZAVI meetings line 2


As you can see if you have downloaded the program, ZAVI and its online meetings have little to envy other similar ones. After all, the user experience is similar to that of Zoom, Meet or Messenger Rooms.

Of course, as with all those, you will have to have a stable Internet connection so that video conferences are seen and heard the way you want. But there are no great mysteries when it comes to enjoying it.

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