How to use WhatsApp web on iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp web is a tool that we can take advantage of, both on the iPhone and on the iPad. For example, WhatsApp web on the iPhone may allow us use two different WhatsApp accounts, and WhatsApp web is the only way to use the messaging app on the iPad.

whatsapp web ipadWhatsApp web on iPad

You should know that WhatsApp web works on all devices, regardless of whether they are an iPhone, an iPad or an iPad Pro. However, we have the limitations of WhatsApp web, so options such as video calls are not available.

How to put WhatsApp web on an iPad?

WhatsApp web is the current only way to have WhatsApp on iPad. The most used messaging app in the world does not have a native application for iPad, so the only way is to “install” WhatsApp web on the iPad.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to use WhatsApp web on the iPad, all you have to do is follow these steps:

The first thing you should do is open Safari. Enter the from your iPad. If you do not see a large QR code, load the website in the desktop version by clicking on the letters above. That QR code is the one you must read from the iPhone. As soon as you read it, you will see how you enter WhatsApp web on the iPad and your chats are loaded.

WhatsApp web iPadThis is the website you should see on your iPad

How to scan WhatsApp code from iPhone?

Scanning the QR code that appears on WhatsApp web is quite simple, and you must do it from your smartphone, be it an iPhone or an Android. Just enter WhatsApp, click on Settings and on WhatsApp web. Point the camera at the code and you’re done.

How to put a shortcut to WhatsApp web on the iPad

Now that you have WhatsApp web running in a Safari tab, you can create a shortcut to use WhatsApp web as if it were an app. Just follow these steps:

At the top right you will see an icon with a square and an arrow. This is the share icon, click on it. Now tap on Add to home screen. You will see the icon and the name, click on Add. You will go to the home screen and you will see a WhatsApp icon on your iPad.

WhatsApp iPadAdd WhatsApp web to the iPad home screen

By the way, if you want to use WhatsApp web on iPad with Chrome, you can do that too. All you have to do is follow the steps above in Google Chrome.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone with WhatsApp web

WhatsApp web can also be used on the iPhone instead of the official app. You may not see the point, but it does. Using WhatsApp web on the iPhone you can access two different WhatsApp accounts from your mobile.

Yes, the second WhatsApp account must be started On a smartphone connected to the internet, this is what the current operation of WhatsApp web has. This is how you can configure WhatsApp web on an iPhone:

In this case, it is better to use Google Chrome. Enter the web from Chrome on the iPhone. Click on the points below and on Request website for computers. You will see the QR code you must read from another iPhone or mobile where you have the second WhatsApp account. Read the code and you will log in.

WhatsApp web iPhoneWhatsapp web on iPhone with Chrome

As you see, having WhatsApp web on the iPad or iPhone is quite simpleYou just have to follow these steps to have everything correctly configured.