Multitasking, that is, being able to perform more than one action at the same time, is of great importance for productivity. In our iPad we can use, either in split view or slide over, two apps at the same time, but Did you know we can add a third one? Yes, we are going to use three apps at the same time on our iPad.

One, two and three apps at the same time

Before we begin, let’s clarify a couple of concepts: Slide Over and Split View.

Slide over

Slide Over is when we have a “main” app that occupies our entire screen and we place another, smaller, which is located on top. We can access this multitasking mode as shown below:

Split view

On the other hand, we have Split View. In this mode we have two apps that, even though they are shown half their size, we see whole at the same time. This mode is very useful, especially when we need to spend a lot of time interacting with both apps, unlike the previous mode that is intended for a shorter interaction. We will enter this mode as we see below.

And the combination of both

Well, now that we have the two multitasking modes of our iPad clear we are going to add a third or, rather, a union between the previous two. A GIF is worth a thousand words:

And with this simple and little-known method we can use three apps at the same time on our iPad. Easy, right? Just drag our third app right in the middle of the two that are in Split View.

Productivity, in the end, is not reduced to having thousands of apps open at the same time, however, with this simple mechanism and our three on-screen apps we can carry out certain tasks much more comfortably.

         How to use three apps at the same time on our iPad