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Improve your productivity with WhatsApp Web keyboard shortcuts – you have a dozen of them.

Although the web version of WhatsApp is still somewhat distant from Telegram Web, it hides some tricks in the form of shortcuts that can facilitate our coexistence with the app.

And it is that WhatsApp Web has a series of keyboard shortcuts the sea of ​​pilots who operate a dozen functions directly. Thus, with a simple key combination You can perform actions such as archiving a chat, creating groups or opening the profile of a specific user.

Needless to say, these commands work on both Windows and Mac and apply to the two versions of WhatsApp Web, the one of desk and of browser.

All WhatsApp Web keyboard shortcuts

You can move more agile in WhatsApp Web using keyboard shortcuts

In general, keyboard shortcuts are very similar between the different versions of WhatsApp and the operating system. Of course, where in Windows we find an “ALT”, in Mac we will have to press “CMD”. Likewise, the desktop version of WhatsApp remove a key of the combination, simplifying even more these already simple shortcuts.

Below you can see all the keyboard combinations and what actions they activate:

Command WhatsApp Web (Windows) WhatsApp Web (Mac) WhatsApp Desktop (Windows) WhatsApp Desktop (Mac) Archive chatCTRL + ALT + ECMD + CTRL + ECTRL + ECMD + Set / Unset chatCTRL + ALT + SHIFT + PCMD + CTRL + SHIFT + PCTRL + SHIFT + PCMD + SHIFT + P Delete chat CTRL + ALT + DELETE CMD + CTRL + DELETE CTRL + SHIFT + DCMD + SHIFT + D Silence chat CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + MCMD + CTRL + SHIFT + MCTRL + SHIFT + MCMD + SHIFT + MMCTRL + ALT Unread chat SHIFT + UCMD + ALT + SHIFT + UCTRL + SHIFT + UCMD + CTRL + A New chat CTRL + ALT + NCMD + CTRL + NCTRL + NCMD + N New group CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + NCMD + CTRL + SHIFT + NCTRL + SHIFT + NCMbrir + SHIFT + NA our profile CTRL + ALT + PCMD + CTRL + PCTRL + PCMD + P Search chat CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + FCMD + CTRL + SHIFT + FCTRL + SHIFT + FCMD + SHIFT + F Open settings CTRL + ALT + PCMD + CTRL + PCTRL + PCMD + P

For our part, we have tried all the shortcuts, specifically those referring to Windows, and we can assure you that they work perfectly. Perhaps its use is a bit cumbersome at first, but once you memorize the two or three key combinations that interest you, the truth is that they greatly streamline the workflow with WhatsApp.

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The shortcut for create a new chat and that of mark a chat as unread, very practical, the latter, for those of us who have dozens of open conversations on WhatsApp.

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