How to use the Translate app on iOS even when we don’t have a network connection

Translate is one of the functions released by iOS 14. If until then, iOS users to translate with an application had to limit themselves to Google Translate or try a third-party application, the arrival of Translate allowed them to have total independence.

A tool that arrives installed on iOS in the form of an application and that allows you to translate any text into a good number of languages. And can carry out the translation whether we have connection or if we are totally disconnected. All you need to do is follow these steps.

How to translate offline

As its name suggests, Translate focuses on translating conversations, either by entering text by hand or using the microphone and speaking into the phone. For this, it is necessary to have a data connection, but it is also possible to use translation in those cases in which we do not have access to the network.

To be able to translate always and in any situation we just have to download the language (s) that we believe will be necessary to us. To do this, we must click on either of the two languages ​​that appear in the upper area of ​​the screen.

Then a new screen opens with a series of languages ​​and under these, a section with the title « Languages ​​available offline ». In this section we must click on the one we are interested in downloading and be careful, it is worth arm yourself with patience, because the process is long (it has taken me a long time even under a WiFi at 600 megabytes).

With the languages ​​already downloaded, we can translate in written and spoken form without problem, regardless of whether or not we have a connection to the data network.


How to use the Translate app on iOS even when we don’t have a network connection