How to use the Cartoon Face Cartoon Fashion Filter on Instagram | Technology

This is a filter that has become very popular on Snapchat giving the user the appearance of a Disney character, which has ended up on Instagram becoming a phenomenon, which is why we are going to see how we can use it in this social network .

This Snapchat filter allows us to see our face as if it were a princess or prince of one of the Disney movies. Some even call it the Disney dog ​​filter, since these same cartoon traits are capable of putting them on our pet.

Well, Instagram has created its own filter called Cartoon face With which the same is achieved within this social network, with the consequent success that it is reaping, since it is currently one of the most used.

How to use Cartoon Face?

If you think that finding and using this filter is somewhat complicated, nothing is further from reality, since it is quite simple if you follow certain steps:

The first thing we are going to do is enter Instagram. Next we must go to our history as if we were going to publish one, that is, by clicking on the icon at the top left. Now we must move the effects from the bottom to the right until we have the option Find Effects, place where we must press. Later we click on the magnifying glass from the top right of the screen and write Cartoon face. You will see how several users who use this filter begin to appear. Once you have chosen the user, you will see that in the lower left it says Try, that is, in this way you can see how this filter looks with your face before saving it on your Instagram. If you want to keep it definitively, it is time to click on the icon that is right next to the one to try, a symbol of a square with a down arrow. When it is saved in our Instagram we will see how the arrow becomes a click. If you now go to your stories and go through the effects, the Cartoon Face filter should already appear and you can use it whenever you want. If we already have it on our Instagram, once we have taken the relevant photo, we can send it to the Stories themselves or a friend so they can see what face we have left.

Third party apps

exist various applications in which we can make adjustments to our photographs and that they will let us perform the same effect that we get in the Cartoon Face filter on Instagram. In other words, transforming our faces into characters with typical features that have been seen in children’s movies for decades.

Voila Al Artist

One of them is Voila Al Artist, an application valid for Android and iOS, in which we can have our face like that of a typical Disney character. Once we have downloaded them, getting a photo in which we look like a cartoon of one of the princes or princesses of the world created by Walt Disney, and which many have imitated throughout the history of cinema, will be very easy and we just have to do the following.

We enter the application and click where it says 3D Cartoon. Next we must click on Camera from among the options that are presented to us. Although we can also choose a photo that we have already done and in which a face appears so that the app detects it and can put the effect on it. That’s when we have to square a circumference It is placed in the center of the screen with our face and click on the only button that appears, right in the lower central part. Once the button is pressed, the application will start working so that the result will finally appear. Finally we can share them on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, by email and even save it on our smartphone as a file.


Another option that we can use to make our selfies come out animated is Toonme, an application that we can download both for terminals with the Android operating system and for those using iOS. As soon as we have it downloaded and installed now is the time to do the following:

We enter the application and we will see how it appears directly in a section called Toon Effects. At that moment we click on the option that says Trends and we choose the filter that appears in the top right from image. Now we click on the button in blue color with the drawing of a camera so that we can take a selfie and then the program manages it. We can also choose a photo from our album. Once we have pressed this button, the camera will appear in which we must take a selfie. After we allows you to crop the photo in case we don’t want any part to come out, something that is very welcome. At that time the app will absorb said photo and start to manage it to give us the final result. A final result that we can share or save on our smartphone, that at the choice of each one.

As you have seen, the way to use the original Cartoon Face filter on Instagram is really very simple and gives really curious and fun results. But outside the social network we can also implement different types of extremely similar filters, to get very curious photographs to share, not only on Instagram, but in the rest of the social networks in which we are. Many options for you to choose the one you like the most.

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