How to use the Apple AirPods on an Android mobile | Technology

No one has any doubt that Apple AirPods are one of the best and most popular True Wireless headphones on the market today. There are many people who have thought of buying them, but the great doubt assails them, can we connect them to our Android mobile? The answer is yes, we are also going to tell you how to do it.

If you have a Mountain View terminal, you can choose to connect with Apple headphones and it will be easier than you really think at first.

Although you can connect them, you will have certain disadvantages compared to those who have an iPhone or another device from Cupertino, although we can minimize this loss, something that we will tell you later.

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Let’s see how we can take advantage of Apple AirPods on an Android mobile to get the most out of it.

Connect AirPods with Android

As we have already told you before, the connection system is much simpler than you could imagine at first.

What we are going to tell you is valid for the first and second generation AirPods, in addition to the Pro version.

The steps you must take are the following:

First we must interact on the AirPods themselves, opening them and observing that a green light on the indicator on the front of the box. Next we must press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for a few seconds, until the light starts to blink white. If we have the AirPods Max, you should take them out of the smart case and keep noise control button pressed, until the light on the right side starts to blink white. Now we take our Android terminal and go to Settings. Then we enter Bluetooth and we go to the bottom of this section, where it says Available devices. Now we wait for the headphones appear on the screen and when they do, click on them, to immediately follow the instructions that appear on the screen. When you are done, you will have your AirPods connected and paired with your Android mobile.

As you have seen, the way to do it is very easy, being similar to the pairing of any Bluetooth device on the market, something that is good, so we don’t get involved.

What functionalities do we lose?

The truth is that when connecting AirPods with an Android mobile, we lose some functions that the headphones do have when they are paired to an iPhone or an iPad.

The functions that we continue to maintain and that we have not lost due to this connection between the Apple devices and the mobile phone with the Android operating system are:

You can continue to use free hands without problems, even if they are paired with an Android. Play and pause music by pressing the headphone stem once. Jump forward in a song by pressing twice quickly. Go back from topic if we press three times. If we keep the stem pressed we can activate or deactivate the noise cancellation system. It can pause or resume control of Airpods pressing twice.

The new version of the best-selling wireless headphones in history came with many new features: new design, water resistance and active noise cancellation by flag. Is the leap worth it? We tell you about it in this review of Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Those main functions that we lose by not using an Apple device for pairing are:

We are not going to count, as is normal, with the Siri assistant to be able to handle a good number of options with the voice. Neither can we see the battery that fits the headphones, since in our Android mobile it will not appear. The audio of a call it will not automatically transfer to the phone if you remove the AirPods from your ears.

They can be inconveniences that we can live with, although not knowing how much battery we have left, can bring us the occasional headache.

Assistant Trigger: an interesting solution

We have at our disposal a very interesting alternative to get mitigate losses that we have in the AirPods by connecting them to an Android.

This is Assistant Trigger, an application that can be downloaded from the store Google Play Store and with which we are going to have solutions that will interest us.

Thanks to this application we can get know what the battery level is of the headphones, something that, as we have already mentioned, was the main lack of our connection.

But not everything stops there, since also, thanks to this application, we will be able to activate and use Google Assistant just by touching the headphones. That is, in the same way that Siri is activated, but in this case the Google assistant will come out.

There is a pro version of this app that is paid, which ensures that it solves the other problem that the system is not able to detect that we have removed the AirPods. But this is something that we leave in doubt, because user reviews on Google Play seem to deny it.

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As you have been able to read, we can connect AirPods to our Android device without any problem, since it is a simple and fast process.

In addition, we can mitigate several of the limitations that the fact of connecting these devices together can mitigate them thanks to a free application, so the integration is even more complete and our experience of higher quality.

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