Ginger is one of the foods with the greatest medicinal power that exists, it stands out for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Recently its consumption to counteract the annoying effects of hangovers has become a popular remedy.

Without a doubt ginger tops the list of foods with the greatest medicinal powers, relate to wonderful effects for general health among which stands out as an extraordinary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory remedy. Recently one of the uses of ginger that has become very popular talks about the benefits that provides the consumption of ginger for hangovers it is ideal to consume after a night out, various investigations assure that it is related to great benefits for combat annoying symptoms.

A little science:

Lancet magazine recently published interesting information about it, thanks to a study that was based on popular belief about the effects it has ginger to very effectively relieve nausea and dizziness caused by motion sickness (It is dizziness caused by movement such as traveling by car, boat or plane). The study was performed in a group of 80 naval cadets everybody with a tendency to motion sickness, were divided into two groups: the first consumed one gram of ginger powder, the second group consumed a placebo; the big test was how they felt after sailing 4 hours and the results were surprising sincehe group that consumed ginger powder I report a great improvement and checking that the main symptoms of nausea and dizziness were reduced; thanks to this researchers say ginger is effective To treat nausea and vertigo, although there is a long way to go since the reality is that they are not clear about the reason.

How is it related to hangover?

The hangover is known as a condition that presents with unpleasant symptoms that occur after a excessive alcohol intake. The symptoms that appear vary from person to person but among the most popular they stand out: headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, insomnia, general malaise, anxiety and a lot of thirst. If we recapitulate on the therapeutic properties proven to be related to ginger, practically benefits in all the inconvenience which causes a raw or hangover.

Ginger root stands out for its mineral wealth in magnesium, zinc and chromor, substances that are related to promote circulation in the body and this benefits directly from improve headaches. At the same time unique components that contains ginger, as is the case of gingerol that help relieve nausea and combat vomiting, also its consumption in hot or cold infusion is perfect for hydrate the body and it is a great ally to reduce symptoms related with the digestive system and its main discomforts.

Tips for consuming it in case of hangover:

Prepare an infusion with a medium piece of fresh ginger and consume very hot, it is perfect for the body to relax, protects the digestive system and hydrates.
To fight thirst, prepare a jug of ginger teaAdd ice, a couple of lemon wedges and natural honey, it will be a wonderful natural serum which helps balance minerals in the body and fight thirst.
A good remedy is to prepare a fresh orange juice liquefied with ginger, it consumes its cold high content of vitamins and antioxidants they will help you improve energy levels.
You can too prepare a green smoothie with citrus and ginger or almonds, bananas, ginger, vegetable milk and honey, They are a good ally to hydrate and revitalize with nutrients throughout the body.