Have a Google account It is an essential requirement to use an Android mobile, or access our YouTube profile, etc. In general, it is a small sacrifice that we are all willing to make, because we gain a lot and lose little. However, some associated services can complicate us more than help us. If that happens to you with your email client pay attention. We will explain how to unsubscribe Gmail without deleting the Google account.

In the first instance, then, we must say that it is indeed possible to unsubscribe from Gmail without thereby deleting the Google account. If we take a look on social networks, forums and search engines, we will see that many people have had problems with this procedure. To such an extent, that they believe that it is impossible to stop using Google mail without losing the other benefits.

Another important thing to clarify is that, before unsubscribing from Gmail, you have to replace this email address with another one in all your sensitive accounts. We speak, especially of bank or financial accounts. In this way, if you request a sending of information or recovery of passwords, you can receive these data in a secure email. Otherwise, you will regret leaving Gmail.

Finally, we can point out that the general process of closing a profile in Gmail is quite simple. Once you have confirmed your irrevocable decision, you lose access to the Inbox. Emails you have sent or received will be inaccessible for a couple of days, unless you revoke the action. If you stay firm, after a couple of business days, everything will be removed forever.

Before leaving Gmail, save the relevant content

Although when you unsubscribe from Gmail you can continue to access your Google account from an alternative email, you will lose other attachments of this email and others. Therefore, our recommendation is that before starting with the step by step, you visit the essential Google Takeout.

From there you can download these files and store them on your computer. The same with all the important data of your Gmail and Google account. It may take some time according to the weight of the content, but we recommend that you do so, for your own peace of mind.

Within this platform, you will be able to select the information that you want to save on your PC. You have to check or uncheck the boxes as appropriate. Of course, since you are going to unsubscribe Gmail, the only one that should be checked is this one. The other, for now, can wait.

Assuming you have chosen only Gmail, then you have to click Download. This process will take a few minutes, or a little longer, but you should let it finish before continuing with the rest of the tutorial.

Unsubscribe from Gmail step by step

Once these essential data has been stored, we will then begin with the deletion of your Gmail mail, which is done from the same Google client, following these steps:

Go to the Inbox of the Gmail account you want to deleteIf necessary, log in to enter itGo to the menu located in the upper right corner and enter the AccountThere look for the option “Data and personalization” on the menu left Towards the end of the new page you will see that it says «Delete a service or account». Go there Then click on Delete a serviceYou will have to add the session data again, to prevent someone from impersonating youThere, finally, you will see that it indicates “Delete a service from Google” Choose Gmail and hit Delete

In this previous point, Google is going to ask you to write an alternative email address where they will contact you in case of an emergency. In addition, it will be the email you use as a backup for your Google account. You must use a new account that does not belong to Gmail, of course.

When you have added that alternative email account, you must click on “Send verification email”. You will immediately receive an email confirming the success of this procedure. This should be titled “Gmail deletion confirmation”. You must open it, and enter the link that is attached. A site will open with final confirmation of your determination to unsubscribe from Gmail.

If everything is ok, you have to press on “Delete Gmail” a few more times, and finally on “Done”.

After a few seconds, you will be sure that your Gmail account has been deleted.

Final thoughts

From now on, you will no longer be able to log into Gmail or your Google account using that email. Always, but always, you must use the alternative email address you have provided.

If you have any questions or want to go back, then you will have to contact Gmail support. The sooner you do this, the greater the chances of recovering your deleted account.

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