How to unsubscribe from Disney + step by step

If you no longer want to continue subscribing to the Disney + service, this is what you must do to unsubscribe from the streaming platform.

Want to cancel your Disney + subscription quickly? We show you how unsubscribe from the Disney + streaming platform easy and in a few steps. Go for it!

Disney + is one of the most popular streaming services and at low cost of the moment. Their classics and original productions they have trapped more than 100 million subscribers, making it an ideal entertainment platform for adults and children.

However, sometimes not everything works as it should and perhaps the variety of titles is not that great What Netflix or HBO Go. For this reason, some users have made the decision to unsubscribe from Disney + and try other options.

Previously, the system offered a free trial for 7 days, enough time to realize if the service adapted to your requirements, but now it is necessary to take the 1 month subscription and then cancel without problems. If you want to learn how to do it step by step, do not detach from your screen.

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How to unsubscribe from Disney + from the official site

The easiest way to unsubscribe from Disney + is through the official portal. If you do not know how to do it, follow the steps that you will see below.

So you can cancel the Disney + subscription from the official portal

Go to the official Disney + website and log in. Click on your User Profile located at the top right of the screen. Select the option “Account”Go to the section “Subscription details”Now click on “Cancel subscription”The platform as a warning will ask you if you are sure to cancel, click on “Confirm cancellation” and ready.

At this point, you will be able to continue enjoying the streaming platform until the end of the contract month. Once the period of time has expired, you will no longer be able to access the service. However, it is possible to restart your subscription at any time.

How to unsubscribe from Disney + from the Google Play Store

Not only can you cancel Disney + from the official page, but it is also possible to do so in the official Android store: Google Play Store. These are the steps to follow:

How to unsubscribe from Disney + from the Google Play Store

From the official Android store you can also unsubscribe from the Disney + streaming platform

Enter the application Google Play Store, from your Android mobile.Log in to your Gmail account associated with Disney + .Tap the options menu and go to the section of “Subscriptions”Now select the subscription you want to cancel, in this case Disney +Now click on “Cancel subscription”.

One time cancel your Disney + subscription from the Google Play Store you can continue using it until the end of the contracted period of time. At the end there will be no renewal of the service.

How to unsubscribe from Disney + from the iTunes Store

Since Manzana you can too unsubscribe from Disney + from the official store iTunes Store with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, just like with Android devices. This is what you should do:

How to unsubscribe from Disney + from the iTunes Store

These are the steps to follow to cancel Disney + from Apple

Go into “Setting” from your mobile, log in with your Apple ID, go to the section “Subscriptions”.Choose “Disney +> Cancel subscription”.

Keep in mind that, the deletion of your account Disney + It is not a guarantee of the cancellation of the service. So consider these steps if you want unsubscribe forever and thus avoid billing charges.

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