Making clients is one of the strongest challenges for any company or business, since their success or failure depends on them. So how can a stranger who knows our brand for the first time become a potential customer? The size of the needs to be met in life is such that it attracts different types of customers to one business or another. Therefore, you must know how to detect the characteristics of your project and the best way to offer it. These are some steps that you can follow so that a new person becomes your potential and loyal client.

Know your needs

Knowing what your customer is looking for in your service or product will allow you to give them the right solutions. That is the first great success of companies: reading the customer and even anticipating what they are looking for. When you are clear about the customer’s needs, you will know what to offer and how to get it to them. If you see that there are many places that offer the same, think of the most appropriate way in which you can give the same but with a bonus that no one has in their possession.

Fall in love with your client

Seduce your potential customer with a product tailored to their needs. The companies that manage to position themselves in the mind, but above all in the heart of the customer, are the ones that are more likely to succeed. A company that has this in mind works on a strategy that seeks to resolve not only the needs but the emotions of the customer. It also involves him as an active part of his identity.

Instead of selling, be interested in helping

Forget the act of selling once you manage to capture the customer’s attention. What you have to think about is helping him to solve a need that may or may not be urgent, but that is there. Let your client see that your interest is that they feel good and that they can see their needs fulfilled. Think you are putting a life-changing product or service in their hands.

Make an irresistible offer

Tie that potential customer through an offer they can’t refuse. Use the strategy you want, but it is powerful enough to make you indelible in his mind. Turn your product into something relevant and useful for that person.


It is one of the vital parts of the process: if there is no follow-up, it is as if you want that client to forget about your existence. Follow it without looking invasive, but interested enough to keep you in mind. Your product must live in his memory until he decides to buy it.

And most importantly: trust your instinct to get customers

All of the above does not make sense if you do not believe in yourself and the quality of what you offer. An entrepreneur or business owner must blindly trust the why of what he does. Offer without hesitation, be sure: CEOs and leaders of large companies do so and it is part of their success.