How to Try Amazon Kindle Unlimited for Free: All Available Ways

Do you consider yourself an uncontrolled bibliophile? Do you know the Kindle from Amazon? We tell you how to get a few free months of Amazon Kindle Unlimited very easy.

For all the reading fans and especially those who prefer eBooks, Amazon Kindle Unlimited is one of the ideal alternatives to enjoy your Favorite books where and when you want.

Although, it is a paid service by subscription, there are some totally legal solutions that can help you enjoy this totally free service. If you want to know how, join us to find out.

How to Try Amazon Kindle Unlimited for Free: All Available Ways

About Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is the service of monthly subscription offered by Amazon, for those who wish to enjoy unlimited eBooks from Kindle e-reader or through the web application or for mobile devices.

About Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited: e-book reader

In its catalog, you will find more than 1 million titles available of different themes, recognized authors and new indie authors uploading their creations to the platform.

It is important to note that the Kindle Unlimited catalog does not cover all books that are available for sale in Amazon. In general, we refer to specific books that are identified in the different profiles.

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Advantages of Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Among its main advantages we find:

More than 1 million titles available. You can store up to 10 books simultaneously. It is compatible with any Kindle device through the Kindle App. It allows you to lend an eBook for free for 14 days to anyone through the Kindle app. Its price of 9 , 99 euros / month is quite affordable for those who really enjoy reading eBooks.

How to try Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free

Currently, there are two very simple ways to try Amazon Kindle Unlimited totally free. For this reason, we will tell you below how to do to enjoy these offers.

30 days free for subscribing to the service

The first option allows you enjoy up to 30 days totally free of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited service. How do you do it? Very easy. You only have to sign up for Kindle Unlimited with a valid credit card and that’s it.

30 days free for subscribing to the service

Enjoy 1 month free by subscription to Amazon Kindle Unlimited

But do not worry, since in this process you will not receive any charge. The card must be valid exclusively as a guarantee. That being said, you will have 30 days (1 month) to enjoy the service at no cost and get the most out of all its functions.

Of course, it is important that before the trial period ends, unsubscribe, since otherwise (unless you want to continue with the service) you will be charged the price of the subscription, which so far is around 9.99 euros / month.

Up to 3 months free with the purchase of a Kindle device

At the moment, Amazon has an offer where, for the purchase of a Kindle e-reader, you will have access to 3 months of Kindle Unlimited service totally free. And yes, you are probably thinking that it is not free if you have to buy a computer, but it may be the case that you want to give it to someone or that you are the lucky one who receives it as a gift.

In any case, enjoy this benefit It’s very simple. Once the purchase of the equipment has been made through, you must:

Up to 3 months free with the purchase of a Kindle device

Get 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited when you buy a product

Register as a new device for the first time.You will receive an email with detailed information on how get the 3 months free and voila.

Remember that before the trial period ends, you must unsubscribe, otherwise you will be charged the cost of the subscription which, as we said, is 9.99 euros / month, although you can cancel it at any time.

Now that you know a little more about Amazon Kindle Unlimited and how you can get it for free, what are you waiting for? Start your test and enjoy your favorite books wherever and whenever you want.

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